Saturday, April 21, 2018

Great Day

I used FaceTime for the first time and loved it! I made a bunch of trips to the porch from the greenhouse carrying tender plants so they can have a couple of days to harden off. I weed whacked a little. Sweetie Pie saw my Amex bill and said if I died he couldn’t pay it. I said maybe I’ll die at the beginning of the month. What an interesting conversation.

Friday, April 20, 2018


Today we went to a nursery and bought spring plants. I put them on the carport next to the house. Tomorrow I plan to put them on the porch and bring cuttings out of the greenhouse. They need a few days to harden off and then I’ll start putting them in the flower boxes.

Thursday, April 19, 2018

Recipe Derailed

I started out planning a stuffed zucchini bake. I decided it would be better with taco seasoning. I took it out of the oven and Larry asked if the lasagna was good. That didn’t look much like lasagna to me and certainly didn’t smell like it. Maybe I’ll eat some tomorrow.

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Wasp Continued

My hand, wrist and forearm swelled, hurt, and itched so I went to the doctor. He gave me a tetanus shot  and told me to take some pills. I said I thought he was going to send me to a doctor for carpal tunnel. He said the swelling has to come down. That was a relief. My blood pressure was all right and my weight was down six pounds from when I was there in February for lab work follow up.

Pork Roast

Yesterday I bought half a pork loin and put it in my slow cooker until it had to be picked up with a slotted spatula. After letting it cool overnight, I divided it into three shallow disposable foil pans. I labeled them with date and contents for the freezer. My plans for them are sweet and sour pork and barbecue. I like having the long part out of the way. An acquaintance at the hospital mentioned getting her foil pans at Dollar Something. We have a new one near here. Maybe I’ll check it.

I Wonder

I wonder if those people extolling the virtues of Barbara Bush remember how mean they were about her when she was First Lady. Fat, old, and frumpy come to mind.

Tuesday, April 17, 2018


On the way back from the mailbox a wasp stung my wrist. We have a lot of wasps, but they usually mind their own business. This one seriously objected to something and let me know.