Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Taking a Knee

It looks respectful to me when the football players kneel for the anthem. They pretty much bow their heads, too. If they mooned during the anthem, that would be disrespectful.

DIY Laundry Detergent
There are a lot of sites that tell how to make this. I make five gallons of the liquid recipe and it lasts me about a year. I use 1/2 cup of the liquid for a washer of clothes. Some laundry soaps make me itch, but this doesn't. I like it, it's cheap, and it works. When I started to make the second batch (a year later), I found the borax and Arm and Hammer washing soda had solidified. I chipped it up and bagged it in large Ziploc bags to prevent that problem. The third time I made it, I went ahead and mixed up the borax, grated fels naptha, and washing soda, writing "add 5 gallons of water" on the bag. I tried putting the bar of soap in the food processor, but grating with a hand grater worked better for me...and was a lot quieter. I've used this for three years now and don't think I'll ever go back to buying detergent. It's easier to buy it, but it's cheaper to do it this way because the borax and washing soda make more than one year's worth...and is cheap to but in the first place.

Tuesday, October 17, 2017


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Babyback ribs and slaw make a great lunch! Larry grilled the ribs today and it makes a holiday of any day.


Today we had a light frost. I've gotten everything in the greenhouse that needs to go. But I didn't clean up first so that's on my list. I cleaned where I put my cuttings and plants. But in February I'll need space for seedlings. So I have until February!

Saturday, October 14, 2017

Easy Day

A little tidying up inside and out as well as a little shopping made for an easy day today. There is still plenty to do, but no rush about it.

Friday, October 13, 2017

Breakfast Buffet

I don't usually see anything new on a buffet, but we went to a diner-type place after our lab work yesterday and saw French toast with had been battered and fried paired with chocolate gravy. I don't know that I would have gotten it if I hadn't seen somebody with a plate with only that. So I asked what the French toast was and then got it myself. Really! Chocolate for breakfast:) It reminded me of our first breakfast in the hotel in Germany where we had Nutella.

Thursday, October 12, 2017


When I first made poppers, I took the seeds and veins out of the jalapeƱos and filled the halves with cream cheese. Then I wrapped a half piece of bacon around each one and baked until the bacon was crispy. This way uses real bacon boots stirred into the cream cheese. It's quicker and still tasty!