Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Walking in the Parking Lot

This morning Larry had his second cataract surgery. While he was inside, I walked in the parking lot. An SUV pulled in with an overweight angry young woman driving. She went around to the rear passenger seat, keeping up a constant abusive stream of language. She opened the door and started to haul out the fat old woman from the rear. The woman had trouble getting her legs to cooperate. The driver continued to berate the old woman. I couldn't tell if the driver was a vicious sitter or vicious relative.
Then the old woman leaned over and kissed the driver's hand. It was awfully sad.


I needed my wheels aligned. The first place I called offered me one October 12. The second place offered Thursday of this week. I made the appointment for Thursday. Then I went to a third place, also recommended by a friend. I said I wanted my wheels aligned. He asked if I had an appointment. I said I had one in a nearby town on Thursday but was trying for sooner.
He said, "I have several to do, but I can take you now."
When I got home I called and cancelled the Thursday appointment.

Monday, September 29, 2014

Fall Stuff

Several kinds of peppers, apples, and tomatoes were ready to be picked today. Larry had a doctor's appointment in Memphis. I decided to be helpful and pick stuff so he wouldn't have to come home and do it. He won't get home too late to do it, but I'm pretty sure he'll be happy enough not to.

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Audible Note

When I'm listening to books in a series, it is annoying when the book ends with an advertisement that does not include the name of the next book.

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Ugly Gourd

Well, this one didn't turn out like I wanted. I'm not quite finished, but I don't think it is going to improve a lot. It's annoying to spend a lot of time on something and have it turn out pretty much like I intended...and not like it.
Well, good to know. I won't have to do another one like it.

People Came

We go for quite a while without seeing people...but today a couple came to pick grapes, a couple of guys came by to bow hunt, a friend dropped some gourds off, and a neighbor came by to talk. This is pretty much like Grand Central for us.

Friday, September 26, 2014

Another Gourd Basecoated

Today I basecoated the silver and black gourd. I intend to finish the leaves on the green one in red. The silver leaves are going to be finished in green. The pink ones are going to be finished in red.
The black is the negative space. The colors are heart-shaped leaves. Hopefully when I'm finished, I will have caladiums...not very realistic ones since I'm using metallic and pearly paints.

Dinig Room...Not a Holiday

The bouquet is basil. I thought it would make the room fragrant, but it didn't. 
The purse is almost forty years old. Larry made it and I painted it. I got the handle repaired a year or so ago because it was starting to tear. The Amish saddle maker did an excellent repair job.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Working on Gourds

I used metallic and pearl paints, interior and exterior, on these two gourds. Maybe I'll finish them tomorrow. I'm anxious to see if they will look as spectacular as I'm hoping.

Egg Gourds

These are egg gourds. We found them where they sell pumpkins, sweet potatoes, and gourds. Last year they had small gourds, but not egg gourds. When I was checking out, another customer asked if they are to eat. I said they aren't. She asked what to do with them. When I said to keep them for a year to dry out, then soak in hot water to scrub the outer coat off, then decorate them, she didn't rush over to get some for herself. She stuck with her sweet potatoes.

No Glasses

His eye surgery on the left eye was entirely successful. He is going to have the other eye done and that should be excellent. Right now he can see distant and close up with his right eye with glasses but nothing with the left eye. Without the glasses he can see distant with his left eye. This has to be disorienting, but soon he should be able to see with both eyes and no glasses except for reading glasses.
Very few people have ever seen him without his glasses. That is changing:)

Twitching Trees

Squirrels are chomping through twigs to dislodge nuts. The hickory trees are getting a lot of attention but the pecan trees are getting their share. We have a neighbor who hunts squirrels, but he is nowhere near making an impact on the population. When I see bits of leaves and twigs drifting down, hear the crunching sounds, I look up into the tree for the area where the leaves are moving. Then I see the squirrel scampering off...leaping from branch to branch, tree to tree. I guess it's taking its treasure back to its nest.
A guy asked if he could bring his three-person hunting club to hunt deer on our property. Larry said that would be fine. The guy said they usually plant an acre of food for the deer but it wouldn't be necessary since we have soybeans...which is exactly why Larry is happy for somebody to hunt here.
It's a shame Larry isn't willing to eat game.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Larry's Trip to Doctor

Today Larry went back to see his ophthalmologist. The doctor wanted to make sure he went for the second cataract surgery. He tested Larry's far vision in the eye that had the surgery. His distant vision tested perfect. He hasn't had distant vision without glasses since he was a child and possibly not then. The doctor said that when he has the other cataract removed, he will have perfect vision without glasses except for close work and a pair of reading glasses from the dollar store or Walgreens will be sufficient to remedy that.
He agreed to go back for the second cataract surgery and stopped by Walgreens to try out their reading glasses. He said he could see up close quite clearly. This is going to be much cheaper than the expensive blended trifocals he's used for years!

Tomatoes Are Pretty

This was a volunteer. I didn't plant any cherry tomatoes this year.

Hummingbirds Mostly Gone

Larry had four hummingbird feeders and lots of hummingbirds earlier. They are mostly gone now so he just has one feeder still up. I've started filling plugs with potting soil so I can take cuttings. It's fall so even though the plants are lush and beautiful, their days are numbered so I have to start my cuttings for next spring.
I didn't save cuttings of the impatiens but relied on seeds. They get started slower than cuttings, but they soon catch up and it is much easier to toss seeds than to plant cuttings I've rooted.
I'll have to take cuttings of the angel wing begonias and coleus for next year.

Flat Tire

On my way to volunteer this morning I had a flat tire. The county had a crew out working on a culvert that had rusted out so I walked down to them. We talked a bit and then the guy in charge called a truck with a portable air compressor to come give me enough air to get back home. Then I called AAA and asked for somebody to come out and put the tiny temporary spare tire on so I could drive in and get a new tire (well, two new ones for the front and the front tires rotated to the rear). It turned out I had picked up a screw. The tire was badly worn on one side so I need the tires to be realigned.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

More Overlap

I liked the gourd I finished yesterday, but I didn't think it had enough overlap of leaves and my shading wasn't especially good. I thought it turned out pretty well, but it wasn't exactly what I wanted. So on these two, I drew my leaves in pencil and then outlined the parts I want to use in extra-fine black permanent sharpie. I still want the leaves to be caladium leaves, but I think I'll do the small one in metallics and pearls. It won't be realistic, but folk art doesn't have to be realistic, and neither does fantasy. I'm thinking a gnome home is fantasy, so whatever I do should be all right.
At least I don't have my leaves isolated and floating in the background which is pretty much what I did with the last one. I didn't realize it until I was finished.

Forgot My Fitbit

I forgot to take my fitbit with me when I went to the hospital to volunteer! It's easier to get my steps in when I'm delivering newspapers, cards, filling the ice cart, checking for isolation boxes to stock.

Monday, September 22, 2014

Travel Containers

I've been using essential oils lately. Some of the oils are all right for straight usage. Some require dilution with another oil. I'm using grapeseed oil. It's  four ounces of grapeseed oil to a couple of drops of essential oil. I was putting the mix into a bowl, but I don't use the whole amount at one time. I had some travel containers from WalMart. It's the perfect size. So I went back to get another pack. This time the containers are blue...but still inexpensive and the perfect size.

Grilled Sandwich

Using my low-carb bread, I frequently make a grilled ham and cheese sandwich. Sometimes I put sliced tomatoes on. Today I used pineapple on my grilled ham and cheese.

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Spaghetti Squash

Today I bought a spaghetti squash and looked up ways to cook it. Tomorrow I'll try to cook it.

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Not Good at This

I decided I should quit smoking. It isn't the first time I've decided to quit. One of the problems is that it is easy to bum a cigarette from Larry. Yesterday I bummed two. Today I bummed six. I didn't go back and adjust the quit counter. When I manage to get through a whole day without smoking at all, I might edit the quit time.

Friday, September 19, 2014

Several Days after Cataract Surgery

Larry's cataract surgery went well, but having surgery on one eye means his glasses work on the other eye but not both. So he wanders around with his glasses on the table or on his forehead. He can see at a distance with one eye. He can see close up with his glasses on and the operated-on eye closed. This has to be annoying. Originally he planned to have the other eye worked on soon. Now, I'm not sure. Maybe he'll have one lens replaced in his frame.

Smoking Cessation

The last few nights I have felt that I'm not getting enough oxygen when I breathe. Going to sleep has always been difficult for me but the self-hypnosis sleep tape has been helpful. Well. Concentrating on breathing is one of the things on the tape. So it started to seem like I wasn't getting air even though I was going through the motions. Then I started thinking about all those people I see with little tubes in their nostrils. Is that how breathing feels to them without the oxygen?
So I decided I need to quit before I'm dragging around a tank.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Larry's Checkup

Yesterday Larry had cataract surgery. Today he went for the checkup. The doctor said the surgery went well. I liked it that the surgeon called him last night and asked if he was all right and had any questions. That was so nice.
His glasses don't really work right now. He has several days to get over the dilation. He can tell that his vision is better. He can also tell a difference in colors. The doctor said his vision will continue to improve. 

Not Finished, but Close

I want to make this into a gnome home. The heart shapes are supposed to end up looking like caladiums. I haven't done the windows or doors yet. That's my plan for tomorrow.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Blue Ribbon

My herb bouquet didn't get a ribbon, but Larry's pony tail palm got a blue ribbon:)

Monday, September 15, 2014

Three Praying Mantis

Well, I didn't get any pictures, but I found them crawling up onto the porch. I might have gotten more but I showed Larry who tried to pet them. They flew away.

Painted Today

Today I sanded and painted the potting table. It looks way better. Then I did the next step on my gourd. First step was to grow it. Then dry it. Then I had to scrub the coating off of it after soaking it and dipping it in a clorox solution.
When it was dry again, I drew the pattern on it. Today I painted the negative spaces and outlined the positive spaces where they overlapped.
I also got my 10,000 fitbit steps in. That isn't as easy as it sounds since painting is pretty stationary.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Herb Entry

Today I took two entries to the county fair. I've never entered anything before. One of the entries was this...six herbs, labeled. They looked pretty ragged to me, but I did get them there.
The other entry was Larry's pony-tailed palm. He suggested I enter it.
While I was there, the lady noticed I had put return address labels on the pots and was stunned. She said she was going to suggest everybody do that in the future. I told her they are also ideal for putting on dishes when taking food to a gathering.

Sunset Today

Mostly sunset is behind the trees except for a little color between the branches. But this design showed up long enough for me to grab my camera:)

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Rearranging the Back Porch

I wanted to work on my gourd on the back porch but Larry had my table full of tomatoes. So we brought up the old potting table he built for me years ago. I transferred the tomatoes and garden baskets (and some dried corn he is saving for the birds) to the potting table and freed up my porch table for the work on the gourd. I guess when the tomatoes are finished, I'll sand it and paint it so it won't look so awful. I've used that table for potting, spray painting, and whatever else came along.

Fall Flowers

I know, there aren't any mums in this picture. But my flowers I put out in the spring are always big and lush at the end of summer and beginning of fall. Spring has lovely flowers, daffodils, irises, peonies, etc., but I enjoy the end of the flowering season, too.

Friday, September 12, 2014


My fitbit worked all day and I had over five miles on it. When I tried to sync, it went blank. Maybe tomorrow i will take it apart to see if it will work. Right now, i am considering just walking without a fitbit.

Cool Enough

Today it was cool enough that I was able to wear long pants and long sleeves, spray myself with bug spray and deadhead and weed the flowerbed beside the carport.
Tomorrow I will get potting soil and start taking cuttings for next spring.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Not a BLT

Using my low-carb bread, I decided I would have a bacon and tomato sandwich. I didn't have any lettuce so I split a tiburon pepper which is pretty warm. It may have been better than a BLT.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Not a Bad Day

Today after volunteering at the hospital I took some of the old magazines and my collection of boxtops to the school. Then I worked on my gourds for a while. Our neighbors came over for some of the scuppernongs, so we helped pick them. It was warm but not awful. The neighbors were suitably impressed with the arbor Larry built as well as how he roots new scuppernongs:)

Monday, September 8, 2014

Cataract Surgery

The ophthalmologist has been telling Larry he needs cataract surgery for the past year. Today he scheduled it. They were very thorough in their explanation of what will be done. I'm glad he has decided to go ahead with it.

DIY Effort

I like trying DIY solutions.
Yesterday I decided to try a solution for itchy scalp that looked good. I bought coconut oil. I didn't bother with expensive stuff since I didn't plan to eat any of it.
This morning I gobbed it onto my scalp and massaged it for a while.
After that I washed it with two different shampoos. 
My scalp wasn't itching but my hair was still oily...and my comb, brush, hands, and probably the towel I'd used.
So, I've washed my hair again...and all my hair care items that came in contact with the coconut oil.
I won't be using that on my hair again.

Sunday, September 7, 2014


Chicken thighs fried in peanut oil coated with sesame seeds. The broccoli and cheese with cherry tomatoes was bright and cheerful, and the high-fiber elbow macaroni completed my meal.
My husband ate the broccoli.

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Borer Bee

The small pile of fresh sawdust indicates the presence of a borer bee. I sprayed poison into the hole. When the bee fell out, I stepped on it.


Tiburon peppers are mildly hot. I split them, filled them with cream cheese, wrapped them in bacon, and then sprinkled shredded mild cheddar. I put them in a 400 degree oven until the bacon was crisp.
These are wonderful and absolutely on a low-carb diet.

Friday, September 5, 2014

Pebble Isle Marina

 This is Larry's favorite place to eat. It isn't open year-round, but today was a good one.
Hot dog, no bun, a kosher dill spear, and a tiny pile of french fries. I shared the order with Larry.
I saw a couple of grubby young men chortling about killing fish by giving them high cholesterol. I thought it was because everybody gives the fish bread, but one came out with a huge handful of french fries to toss to the fish:)

Art Books

It took a while to locate the art books I want to use with my gourds.
I put the washed gourds into the basket Larry made for me. I want them to be nice and dry when I paint them.

Thursday, September 4, 2014


Today I started cleaning some of my gourds. I soaked some in boiling water for a while and then scrubbed them with a wire scrubber. Then I rolled them around in some water with clorox in it. I didn't get very many done today. Figuring out where to work on them was the hardest part, but scrubbing the outside stuff off will take the most time.
When I get them cleaned, the first ones will be dry enough that I can paint them.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014


A friend's daughter sent her a picture on her phone. She was draped again a guy's back, smiling at the camera. The guy was staring straight ahead. The daughter said she would like to date the guy.
My friend said, "He looks unique... like you 'neaked up on him."

A Way with Words

A friend told me when she was visiting her future mother-in-law, she heard her make a comment about the size of her backside. After they left, she told her fiance about the comment, ending it with, "She has a way with words."
He said, "She got away with those."

Tuesday, September 2, 2014


Our tomatoes haven't produced a lot at a time so far. So we've frozen a couple of bags at a time. Today we thawed enough for a canner. That will free up some freezer space.

Monday, September 1, 2014

Funny Hummingbirds

The wind chime doesn't show up very well against a backdrop of trees. There are little colored beads, metal pyramids and hummingbirds. Several hummingbirds stopped by to see if they could get nectar from the colored beads.

Happy Labor Day!

Today a friend and I went to see Loretta Lynn's Ranch at Hurricane Mills, TN. It is an interesting place with camping, horseback riding, and many other things to do. It is nice just driving through looking at the different parts.
I forgot to take my camera so my friend took a couple of pictures on her phone and then printed them at WalMart. I took a picture of them when I got home:)