Thursday, September 25, 2014

Twitching Trees

Squirrels are chomping through twigs to dislodge nuts. The hickory trees are getting a lot of attention but the pecan trees are getting their share. We have a neighbor who hunts squirrels, but he is nowhere near making an impact on the population. When I see bits of leaves and twigs drifting down, hear the crunching sounds, I look up into the tree for the area where the leaves are moving. Then I see the squirrel scampering off...leaping from branch to branch, tree to tree. I guess it's taking its treasure back to its nest.
A guy asked if he could bring his three-person hunting club to hunt deer on our property. Larry said that would be fine. The guy said they usually plant an acre of food for the deer but it wouldn't be necessary since we have soybeans...which is exactly why Larry is happy for somebody to hunt here.
It's a shame Larry isn't willing to eat game.

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