Saturday, December 29, 2012

Nearly Finished with Wall

To mute the colors I put a brown wash on.  Then I sponged gold around on it.  After that I brushed pearl finish over the whole thing. The flash on the camera makes it a little difficult to see.

Friday, December 28, 2012

Tennessee Preppers

Tonight on the news they said the state of Tennessee is recommending that everyone should do emergency preparedness...including a go bag:)

Dirty Wall - Fix 2

It's closer to being finished.  I forgot to say I'm going through a lot of disposable gloves:)

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Dirty Wall Fix

 The gas space heater in the center bottom is the cause of the yellowed discoloration on this wall section.
 It already looks better.
I used mostly ColorPlace Exterior Semi-gloss latex white with a little FolkArt Outdoor opaque acrylic Thicket.  I didn't try to get a uniform mix because when I sponge, I like different shades mixed in.  I'm not finished, but it looks a lot better to me.  In addition, the next time I think it looks dirty, I'll be able to wipe it down.  Yea Exterior!
If I didn't do anything else to it, it would still look better than it did.  But I plan to let it dry for a while and then sponge some soft color in to suggest flowers.

Cleaning Keyboard

I just spent an hour cleaning my keyboard.  It isn't perfect, but I ran out of q-tips. I have plenty of alcohol, but I really need q tips. It isn't as grubby as it was.  If you really want a grubby keyboard, take a laptop to school and let kids use it.  I retired two years ago.  It took me a while to decide I was going to use it.  It is old but the reason I stopped using it was because it didn't have enough storage space, operating space, and usb ports.  So my lovely desktop computer in the house solves those problems.
The laptop in my art room (separate building) lets me connect to the internet out here as long as I bring my aircard out here. 

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Dirty Wall

My art room has a gas space heater.  Above it the wall has darkened and yellowed around three Volksmarching plates. 
I took the plates down and washed them.  I think I'll decorate the dirty areas using exterior birdhouse paint and a sponge.

Snow Ice Cream

This morning we woke up to snow.  It isn't enough for snow ice cream and I don't think it will be because even though it is coming down nicely, it isn't piling up on the ground...the ground is too warm, I guess.
But it is lovely coming down and flocking all the plants.  It's kind of a wet snow so it sticks to trees, bushes, everything except the ground.
But when the snow is deep and fluffy, I like to scrape the top off into a bowl, add half and half, vanilla, and Splenda. It is a low-carb treat for my husband and me.
So when the weather people are predicting snow, make sure you have half and half.  If you aren't watching your weight or diabetic, sugar and Eagle Brand Milk or Pet Milk (in a can) are really good.  It is also easier to make sure you have the milk when it's canned.
 Pretty, but not enough for snow ice cream.
The metal roof on the gray building is green when it isn't covered with a dusting of snow.

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Karate Kid

I've been watching Christmas movies since Thanksgiving.  Today they had a Karate Kid marathon.  I managed to convince my husband we probably wouldn't survive without watching at least the first one!  So he taped it and we just finished watching it.  I'm soooo sad he didn't take all of them.
Wax on, wax off.


Presents are wonderful because they mean somebody cares enough about us to give us something.  But presents are tricky.  I have given my husband gifts over the years that he doesn't like.  I have ended up not spending much on his presents because it is just wrong to spend a lot of money on something and then listen to what a dumb present it was for a long time.  Or if he doesn't say it was a dumb present but never wears/uses it and gives it away, it was still a waste of time and money.
So I try to get him something I think he will like and cook something for him that I know he likes.
That being said, gifts are difficult for me because it isn't just my husband that doesn't like what I give him!  I feel safest with gift cards.  If they can't find something with it, it obviously isn't my problem.  Lack of thought?  Don't go there.  A lot of thought doesn't turn them into me and obviously I have a clue what I want.
But presents open another avenue.  Sometimes we don't know we want it until we get it.  So I always try to use/wear/eat whatever it is just in case I really, really wanted it and just didn't know it.

Monday, December 24, 2012

Ho Ho Ho Merry Christmas!

I Left My Kindle

I got to the truck, put my bags and purse in and noticed I didn't have my Kindle in my hand.  I had my shopping list on it so I had taken it inside.  I went back to the checkout counter I'd used.  A young couple was standing there in chatting positions with the clerk.  I hurriedly asked, "Did I leave my Kindle here?"
The clerk reached over and picked it up saying, "We were just discussing what to do with it."

Annoying IPod Problem

I buy cds and put the music on my iPod.  I don't listen to music often, I usually listen to audible books when I'm using my iPod.  But when I do decide to listen to music, the songs play randomly.  I can't put them in folders and just listen, for example, to Christmas music.
I don't want to buy the music from itunes because I'd rather have the cds.  So it works, but badly.  If I buy a cd, I can give it to somebody if I decide to.  If I buy it on itunes, nobody else can listen to it.  That just seems wrong to me.  For example, if I'm dead, all my itunes stuff dies with me. 

Lots to Do

 The boxes with the slanted tops are for holding tableware.  Larry made them patterned on the finished one that is reddish one in the center of the picture. I've spent a while this morning trying to decide what pictures to paint on them.  I think I've decided on a four-seasons folk art series.  The metal thing is a bunch of fairy tale characters.  All I need to do for that to be finished is hang it.  Sooner or later I'm going to buy some model paint and paint it.  But I have a better chance of actually doing that if I go ahead and hang it. There is a picture in the center top that needed the frame glued back together.  It is glued now, but it needs the picture fastened in.  Then it can go back on the wall.  The box with the white lid on the bottom is only semi-finished.  I have another one in the same shape.  It would be easier to actually finish a project if Larry didn't keep providing me with more projects.
I'm still knitting, too.

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Mannheim Steamroller

Mannheim Steamroller produces my favorite Christmas music.  It is a wonderful background for whatever I'm doing during the Christmas season.  The variety of instruments gives their sound an elegant opulence that I occasionally feel when listening to individual songs.  Theirs is a consistently lovely sound.
The video we saw on television two years ago was visually opulent, as well.  So when we saw it was going to be on again last year, we enjoyed it again:)  I hope it is on again this year.  I'm listening to one of the cds right now.  Lovely

Saturday, December 22, 2012

The World Didn't End

The world didn't end.  I guess I'd better pay my bills.

Catherine Coulter

Catherine Coulter's FBI series is good.  But people who are reading it might miss one of her entertaining series...the bride series.  I don't know if guys will like this series, but to me, it is hysterically funny.  I frequently reread books.  I collect the ones I like because I like the characters and revisit them from time to time.
I do not revisit the suspense books.  I already know how they turn out.  But I'm really fine with rereading books with entertaining, likable characters.  Those authors make a lot of money from me because I buy the books, I buy them again in e-format, and some I even buy in audible format! 
I have over a thousand books on my Kindle.  I've donated a lot of books to the library once I got them in e-format.  I am pretty sure I can't be the only person who does this.  So this post is for people like me.

Decorating Insanity

I wish I could get as carried away decorating for all the holidays, or even, something each month.  I love the ton of Christmas decorations I've accumulated over the years.  I've seen television snips about people who have more stuff than I do...kind of like hoarding except for a holiday. 
But if I decorated for everything, I really don't know where I'd put the stuff.  Christmas takes up a lot of space when not in use.
I've made a lot of stuff.  But I've also benefited from after-Christmas sales as well as going-out-of-business sales.
My opulent door wreath was purchased three years ago after Christmas at a florist.  I always figure I'll probably still be alive next Christmas, and, being me, I'll still want to decorate.  So far, it has held true.  Now, I have to admit, sometimes I forget what I've bought because I didn't use it as soon as I bought it.  But it doesn't matter because I do have sense enough to store it with the rest of the Christmas stuff.
Lights?  I have enough lights for three houses.  That's because if they stop making what I have, I won't have to replace them all...I have replacements that I bought after Christmas the year I bought all those white icicle lights in the first place.
One year I found a ton of fake poinsettias in reds and pinks with gold.  They don't sound wonderful, but I love them.  I bought candle circles, sprays, etc.  They are quite old and I've taken them apart and reconfigured them numerous times.  I enjoy them every year.  I still enjoy that I got them on sale:)  Some of them are shaped funny now.  I think I'll use my hair dryer on them to see if they relax enough to look new. 

The Usual?

I've gone to a couple of places frequently enough that they know what my "usual" is.  Some things don't change all that much.  Whatever I drink usually stays the same.  It used to be a nice dark beer when I was in Germany but is currently water.  But frequently I order the same thing to eat at a particular place.
Last night we ate at a place where the waitress knows what we want.  By the time we got into the restaurant she had put unsweet tea at my husband's place and water and Tabasco at my place.  I don't drink the Tabasco but I do want it.  When we first started going there, Tabasco was at all the places.  Then for a couple of visits all they had was Louisiana Hot Sauce.  I whined, of course.  They are both spicy hot, but they taste different.  After that, they had both and she always brings me Tabasco.
When she put our drinks on the table, she asks, "The usual?"
The first time that happened, we said yes.  Well, she must have brought what was usual for people coming in, because it was not what we usually ordered.  It was usual for our order but not for the sides.  After that, though, she brought the right thing every time.
I don't know how she can keep everybody's orders in her head because I heard her ask another couple before we left, "The usual?"

Friday, December 21, 2012

Christmas Wrap

A number of years ago we stopped using wrapping paper for Christmas presents.  It appeals to my sense of thrift, my laziness (I'm not great at wrapping presents), and it's ecologically friendly.
Wrapping stuff up just to rip it off and then get rid of it as trash just seems wrong.  So we use pretty cloth to drape over the presents.  It is possible to reuse it every year and there isn't so much garbage after Christmas.


I really hate the wind.  I was wondering if we had a windmill would I hate it when we didn't have wind.  So I checked.  The map does not show us as having enough wind to warrant having one.  If the purpose is to made electricity, which it generally is, then we don't.  If the purpose is to make me like the wind, I think it might be enough.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Rearranging Furniture---Again

 Larry hardly ever sits at the computer.  But he seemed pretty pleased with my new setup in my art room.
 I moved the ipod dock and Wii back to the art room but put in a different part.  It got a lot of the cables out of the floor which was one of my complaints in the old location.
I put the little exercise trampoline and fit board mostly under the wallpaper table.
The weather was pretty bad so we didn't go to Memphis to the dermatologist.

Hair Options - I Need a Hat

When my hair is in my face, I understand I should get somebody else to cut it.  I understand it looks really bad when I do it.  I could scotch tape it.  I could use barrettes to just fasten it out of the way if I could fine any.  It isn't long and barrettes don't stay in short hair very well...not mine, anyway.  I could use a hair pin if I could fine one. But no.  I just hack away at it.  I need a hat. I would have to find a totally new hair dresser.  My regular person might have heart failure if I go now.  I need a hat.  Maybe a hat with a veil.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Purse Organizer

I'm going to have to look for something to organize the contents of my purse.  The cords I carry around tangle up with stuff and made an awful mess.
I was so fed up with the tangle that I emptied everything out and organized the contents into quart ziplock bags.  OK so the mess is better.  I can find what I want by lifting a few ziplock bags (labeling them didn't speed that process, however; the ink smeared promptly).

I Envy People Who...

I envy people who can write messages in their Christmas cards.  At first I couldn't remember to send Christmas cards that would arrive before Christmas and blessed the ones who sent cards that arrived right after Thanksgiving.  It reminded me to get started.
Then one year I got out my Christmas list and found all my cards from the year before, messages written, addressed, and stamped!  I opened one to see if there was any way I could just send them, the messages messed that plan up.
So since then, I don't write messages just in case I forget to mail them. I don't think this is Alzheimer's. I think it just long-term stupidity.

Preppers - Like Gaming?

I've read some of the prepper blogs, books, and watched some of the episodes on television.
Do the overweight, out-of-shape preppers realize that they will be at a severe disadvantage because of their bodies?
But still, it reminds me of gamers only they are doing it in the real world instead of on paper or online.
I do think being prepared is a good idea because stuff happens.  But seriously, if living somewhere is worrying someone to the extent that they are going to leave everything when bad things happen, why not just move?  These people aren't living on the edge.  They are financially solvent.  Many of them need to move!  Don't live on Manhattan Island if it frightens you.
And a lollipop for protection?  Really?  Why not a ballpoint pen?  If I tried to use a lollipop, the first swing would go at an angle and be worthless next!

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Raymond Feist

I like Raymond Feist's books.  I am donating paper volumes to the county library when I can replace them with ebooks. I've made five trips with my car and trunk filled with plastic shopping bags loaded with books.  I wasn't able to find ebook versions of Feist's books for a long time.  I found some, finally, on Amazon.  They didn't all have prices.  So I went to his website.  That wasn't helpful.  I am not happy about clicking on the "Buy With One Click" button when I don't know how much it is going to cost me.
So, I guess I'll check back later.

Knitting Class Canceled

I went to volunteer.  My other person was out with the flu.
I went to WalMart after volunteering.  I bought what I thought was on the list.  I went to knitting class.  It was canceled. I saw a person coming out of quilting who is also in the knitting class.  She said we weren't having knitting class.  She looked at what I got at WalMart and said it was wrong.
So, I can continue to knit the twisty scarves, but I can't learn anything new.
Two more people bought yarn and knitting needles so I can teach them to do the scarves:)

Today's Plan

I'm going to take the Sashay yarn scarf that I started last night with me to the hospital for slow times during volunteering. I'm going to take the finished one, too.  If anybody wants to buy either one, the hospital cash box will benefit.
After lunch, I am going to WalMart to look for round needles.  I've already packed the finished scarf, the partially-finished scarf, the new yarn (red), and two possible cowl patterns.  One of the cowl patterns I selected and printed out is easy and one is one notch up from easy. I also want to get a second skein of yarn so I can learn to use two colors.
So I want to follow a simple pattern, use round needles, and two colors.  That's very ambitious of me:)

Monday, December 17, 2012

Looking for Next Project

I've been looking for my next knitting project.  Class is tomorrow and I have yarn and a pattern.  I also need round needles.  I think I'll have time to go to the store between volunteering and knitting class.  So tomorrow is organized!

Starbella Flash

I have been looking for Starbella Flash, a yarn with a lot of glitz.  I found some by accident at Michael's in Mobile.  But when I looked for it on Amazon, it was expensive.  It took a while for me to try to find it somewhere else.  But when I found it, I found a couple of more projects to use it on.  A glittery, glitzy ruffled scarf is wonderful, but I'm just learning to knit and honestly, I need to know how to do more!

Verizon mifi

I've had this thing for a while and haven't been particularly pleased with it.  It turns out that I didn't have a clue.
This thing wanders around with me.  I take wifi around with me.  Or I think I do.  Also, the cord plugs in using the same cord that my phone and kindle use when in the car!  I'd seen the ads on tv with people sitting on park benches using their electronic stuff, but I didn't realize I could, too.  It doesn't hold a charge very long, but plugging it into the car or at home is just fine!

Advent Tree

Mostly my Christmas decorations are accumulated over the years.  This one is new this year.  Family members decorated wooden eggs and exchanged them so we all have enough for each day in December leading up to the 25th.
Isn't it wonderful?

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Good Enough to Have Again

When I cook, people tend to be nice just in case I decide since there is no gratification involved, I won't do it again.  So I started asking, "Is it good enough to have again?"
Without even asking, my husband volunteered that it was good enough to have again when I identified the little handmade rolled sausages-looking things as chivapcici. 
We both thought less oregano would have been better, Worcestershire sauce instead of water, and keep the bacon.
I pretty much followed the recipe except I minced up some raw bacon to mix with the other ingredients.

Notorious Nineteen

Yesterday I tried knitting to Anna Karanina. It didn't start out very entertaining...I'm not saying it was boring, but it wasn't riviting. So I switched over to Notorious Nineteen by Janet Evanovitch.  I was too sleepy by then to recover and continue knitting.
But today I started with Notorious Nineteen and haven't felt a nap coming on. I like the Stephanie Plum series.  It is kind of like I Love Lucy with a black Ethel...well, if Ethel used to be a "ho."
This series is good to listen to while knitting, traveling, gardening, or wherever it won't embarrass you if you laugh out loud.

I Wanted a Chevapchichi Recipe

I thought chevapchichi would be a good thing to try.  It is possible that if I had actually followed the recipe it would have turned out better.  But I found a blog of an American married to a German living in Germany.  It was pretty interesting.

Greenhouse Status

So far my greenhouse isn't more of a pain than it's worth to me, but it may be getting close.
My efforts to propagate lavender, roses, and crepe myrtle don't seem to be working.  They looked really excellent then they looked dead.  I haven't discarded them because they may change their minds.
For the last few years I've had little fuzzy-looking white things that are hard to get rid of and slugs.  Today I found a snail!
I must be keeping it too moist.  But the directions to not let things dry out evidently isn't the same as "see if they can swim."

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Knitting With IPod

I've tried for a couple of days to listen to my iPod while I knit.  It makes me sleepy.  I can knit with a tv show on or talking to people, but not listening to a story.  That was pretty disappointing.

Rutabagas or Turnips?

Twice Larry has gone out to pick rutabagas from the garden and come back with large turnips.  He can't figure out how they got there because he planted turnips in two garden spots and rutabagas in a different one.  Maybe the seeds were mislabeled. We like both, but thought a change would be nice.
Baldric would be envious (if he were a real person instead of a character in the old Black Adder series!

Friday, December 14, 2012

Tired--Few Steps

Preparing food for the freezer isn't fast, not for me, anyway.  I cleaned and wilted what ended up to be five quarts of greens this morning.  So I was tired from standing at the sink and stove.
I knitted this afternoon...again, no steps.
Maybe I'll use the little trampoline...if my feet ever feel human again. 

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Turnip Greens, Etc.

The turnip greens, mustard, and kale are big enough to start harvesting.  My husband plants them because we like them, they grow well here, and they are healthy for us on our low-carb, high-fiber diet.
I put them in a sink with some salt for a while.  Then I go over them leaf by leaf, making sure they are clean and removing the large veins.  Then I put them in a large pot with a little boiling water.  I put the lid on them until they wilt.  I do this over and over until I'm finished with however many he picked...usually about four quarts.
A lady at the hospital said she got a large garbage bag of greens from a neighbor.  She cleaned her washing machine and washed three loads of turnip greens in the washing machine.  She said it shredded them up but she didn't care.  She also said it didn't damage her machine.
My aunt had to have the repairman out to repair her dishwasher after she tried washing turnip greens in her dishwasher.
I don't think my washing machine would ever be food clean enough for me to wash turnip greens in it.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

You Should Keep It

I've only been knitting for a couple of months so imagine my surprise when people wanted to buy my scarves.  I wasn't trying to sell them, but people asked, "Do you sell those?"  Well, I thought, "I could." 
So I did.
A lady at the hospital bought one that was Starbella Flash, in red and silver.  She was going to give it to someone as a present.  She was showing her husband and he said, "You should keep it."
That was so good to hear.  I really thought me learning to knit was going to be about like a cat learning to knit.  But I can do easy stuff and the lovely yarn does the rest!
WalMart has the Red Heart Sashay.  Micheal's has Starbella Flash.  Amazon carries them, but the yarn was cheaper at Micheal's.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Little Trampoline

My bright idea about using my little trampoline to get my steps in works pretty well.  I can put my ipod on the dock and listen to a story.  I can listen to somebody talk on the phone but I'm not very good at talking and "walking/jogging."  But it is still exercise even though I'm not outside.
Maybe I'll do a little more later.  I like the little trampoline because it is low-impact and it totally eliminates any weather excuse I might have to prevent me from exercising.  The little trampoline came from WalMart and cost in the $20+ range.  It is cheaper than cooler jumpers.  It isn't ok to do flips on it, but all I do is basically transfer my weight from one foot to the other which is how I define walking, jogging, running, cross-country skiing, lots of things, just varying the speed.
It had to be exercise because my thighs are tired and I was breathing hard.

And a Happy New York!

That was what one of my Christmas cards said.  I'm glad to know my brain isn't the only one on automatic pilot.

I Wish She Hadn't Asked That

My blood pressure isn't usually high, but last week when I had it taken at the hospital, it was.  She asked if I had a headache or blurred vision.  Well, not until she asked.
Now if I get the faintest funny feeling in my head, I take my blood pressure.  Then I am willing to admit it is probably sinus.

Monday, December 10, 2012

Can't Get My Steps In

Cold, wet weather does not lend itself to letting me get my steps in on my fitbit!  I am trying to keep my average over 5000 steps per day.  Well, not today.  Also, knitting these idiot scarves is a pretty good thing to do in lousy weather, but I am pretty sure I have to be sitting down because the ball of yarn would be trailing along behind me...or somewhere. 
Wait.  I'll get on my trampoline maybe. 

Better Reception

I'm getting better reception with my aircard in my art room.  It's a small separate building.  I have it at a western exposure window.  Since my Kindle worked out here with it, I brought my old laptop out here, too!  Wow! 

Sunday, December 9, 2012


I'm allergic to most evergreens.  It took me a while to realize I didn't have the flu every Christmas, I was having an allergic reaction to the cedar branches and Christmas tree.  So I have an artificial tree (in Germany I could get a Nordmann tree with no ill effects).  This year I decided to find holly twigs with red berries.  I brought them in, washed them, let them dry, and rubbed mayonnaise on the leaves and berries to make them shine!  I don't know how long they'll look nice, but they look good today:)

I Love Christmas

Normally a picture hangs in this spot.  But for Christmas I put the picture in the storage spot I use for Christmas ceramics and hang this.
When we bought it, it cost$25 and we couldn't afford it.  We bought it anyway.  We've tried to add something each year that we love.  Some years I've made stuff.  Some years we've bought something.  But remembering where and when we got it is part of the pleasure of decorating for Christmas.
Our tree has an origami bird that a Japanese exchange student made for us.  It has an egg carton ornament that a child made at school and gave me.  I have ornaments my kids have made and given me and ornaments my mother-in-law crocheted. 
I love Christmas.

Saturday, December 8, 2012

I want big balls like those.

Well, he was talking about outdoor Christmas ornaments, but it still sounded odd.

Low-Carb Comfort Food Lunch

It is a dreary, damp, chilly day.  I decided it is the perfect day for my favorite quick lunch.
I used low-carb bread, sliced pepper jack cheese (two slices), mayonnaise on the inside of the sandwich, butter on the outside, and put it in a small non-stick skillet until the buttered bread was golden brown and a little crusty and the cheese started to ooze.  A lid helps the cheese to melt before the bread burns:)
I made diet root beer with my soda stream (no carbs, no calories).
Regular cheese has fewer carbs, but pepper-jack doesn't have many carbs and it gives the grilled cheese sandwich a little zing.

Friday, December 7, 2012

Statin Question

I really don't want to take medication that is long-term.  The doctor was convinced (and may still be) that I should take Statin because of high cholesterol and diabetes.
 I don't think I'm diabetic because I am not on medication but am controlling my blood sugar with diet.  I'd like to say diet and exercise, but that is more a thought than a fact.
I told him I don't consider my cholesterol to be high because my ldl doesn't have "high" next to it on the lab report.  My hdl has "high" next to it and the total number is 203.
So he felt he should share with me the information that diabetics who took statin suffered fewer heart attacks and strokes.  I asked if a cardiac CT for Calcium Scoring could indicate that I didn't need to take statin.  He said yes, or it could indicate that I should have been taking it for the past ten years. 
So I took the CT scan.  My number was 7.2 which is minimal evidence of plaque.  The nurse was relaying this information via phone.  I asked if my decision to not take statin was reasonable.  She agreed that she thought it was.
The side effects of drugs are different for different people.  I didn't want to take the chance that I would be one of the ones who suffered all of them.
So I was pleased with my ct scan.

Hand-Made Doll

A lady that volunteers at the hospital made this.  She entered it in several competitions.  It came in third in the state.  I think it is wonderful!

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Carhardt for Kids

Carhardt for kids has the most amazing feature...they have red stitches that can be removed to lengthen the sleeves and pants! 

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Six Orders Today for Scarves

I hope I can get them finished before Christmas:)
The teacher of the knitting class is 88.  She said she has been knitting her whole life and has never sold anything.  That is amazing.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Internet Problem

My internet problem may be solved.  I'd gotten an automatic update.  So when I reset it to before that, I suddenly was able to connect again!
I hope that was the problem and it stays fixed!

Light Show at Bellingrath Gardens

 We've been to Bellingrath Gardens at all seasons except the Christmas Season.  This time we saw their light show.  It was perfect.  The weather was mild, no wind, not too many people, and the lights were lovely.

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Fitbit Update

I was wondering if the Fitbit would keep up with my steps when I wasn't around my computer at the end of the day.  I didn't go near my computer for five days and it recorded my data not just for the day but for the prior days:)
It also held its charge for five days...but it was really low. 
Any, I was pleased with both of those things.

Friday, November 30, 2012

Home is Where my Toys Are

Home is where the heart is means my heart is all over the place because my friends and family are scattered.  So home is where my toys are works for me because I've gathered up things that make me smile.  I miss my friends and family...a lot.  But I miss my home when I'm gone for long. 

Thursday, November 29, 2012

My Jet Tub

I love my jet tub, but it wasn't draining.  So I tried baking soda, vinegar, and hot water.  It still wasn't draining.  So I used a drain cleaner.  In a little while we put the rest of the drain cleaner in and that worked.  So I was in the bathroom a pretty good while.  I scrubbed the tub with baking soda, since I had it in there.  That looked nice.  Then I took a brush to the stopper.  Gross stuff popped off of it.  Then I ran a tub full of hot water, put a cup of vinegar and a dishwasher tablet in and let it run for ten minutes so the jets would be clean.  Then I refilled it with hot water and let the jets run again so the pipes would be rinsed.
Then, one more pass with a magic eraser and vinegar. 

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

If You Have a Gripe

If people have a complaint, I really wish they'd mention it to the person or business that has irked them.  It's fine to tell me and everyone else, but let the person or business in on it, too.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Gardenia Protection

 Larry had to take the end of the porch on the shop off to get the gardenia structure out. 
This is a really good place for a gardenia bush because when it blooms, the fragrance is wonderful when we're sitting on the porch.  But this year it didn't bloom because the cold killed the plant down to the ground last year.  It put out from the roots, but it blooms on last year's new growth.  So we are hoping for blooms next year.  I'm going to put mulch around the base to help seal it in.
I've rooted more gardenias.  They are in the greenhouse right now, but I'm looking forward to planting them in my tire garden next spring.
I didn't vacuum any leaves up today.  They're likely to still be there tomorrow.

Monday, November 26, 2012

Low Carb Hot Fudge Sundae

Carb Smart ice cream and sugar-free microwave fudge topping from Smuckers...not as good as Baskin-Robbins, but better than a poke in the eye.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Beautiful Day

Today was one of those sparkling days without a lot of wind.  I vacuumed up leaves (an ongoing project), put mulch around three sides of the gardenia house, and various and sundry little things.  It seems that with the leaf vac I would have gotten my five thousand steps in on my fitbit.  But no. Using a pitchfork to load three carts of mulch and drag it to the gardenia didn't do it, either.  Walking does it, but I object to walking for no purpose...yeah, I've had the conversation where a fit body counts.  Evidently a fit body is further down the list than seeing that I accomplished something.  I even moved my place to empty my compost pail so I would walk more and get in a flight of stairs.  Still not enough. The fitbit "wants" 10,000 steps.  I've only gotten that once or twice since I've had the little jewel.  I have to pay attention to get half that in on a regular basis!
I've stopped using MyFitnessPal because it kept saying I had done it five days in a row when I had tried to do it consistently but was having trouble with connectivity. I'm still trying to eat low-carb, high fiber...I'm just not recording it.  My blood sugar was 94 this morning; life's good.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Bless Your Little Heart!

I sent Mama my first knitting project...a brown scarf.
She said every morning when she puts it on, she says, "Bless Deborah's little heart!"  I'm trying not to be insulted that she thinks my heart is little, and just appreciate the blessing:)

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Vegetarian Thanksgiving - Oops!

I am a carnivore!  But I can never get my turkey (or this time, roasting chicken) thawed in time for dinner.
So my Thanksgiving Resolution: I will never again buy a frozen turkey or chicken for Thanksgiving.  If I can't find a bird, we may just have baloney and dressing.
Today we had dressing, gravy, cranberry sauce, candied sweet potatoes, turnip greens, baked beans, creamed corn and yeast rolls.
We'll have our chicken and dressing with our leftovers if we've ever hungry again:)
Happy Thanksgiving!

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Found Yarn Today

I found a lot of different colors of yarn today.  I must have gotten there right after they'd restocked.
Leigh said I could go to the WalMart website and order what I wanted and click on "pick up at the store."
I was thinking I might have to do that.  I had gone to the Red Heart site, but I hadn't thought about going to the WalMart site!  Good info:)

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Today's Knitting Project

I started this scarf today.  I have finished one regular knitted scarf, and two twirly ones.  This is my fourth project.  I'm guessing I'll lose count at some point, but I totally love this yarn. 

Monday, November 19, 2012

Flying Sawdust

We've been making a couple of runs a day to the sawmill to get sawdust for my recycled tire garden.  Today we went and the sawmill was in operation.  It was like a blizzard but felt worse when it went in the eyes. 
We only made one run.

Sunday, November 18, 2012


My friend visited and brought tamales:)  I adore tamales.
One of my earliest memories is stopping for tamales from guys riding bicycles with a popsicle-looking box on the front.  Well, popsicle bicycles had white boxes on front and were cold.  Tamale bicycles were black on the front and warm.  I loved those tamales and begged my mother to stop whenever I saw one of the bicycle guys.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Dusting My Cute Stuff

A paint brush is gentle to use on my fragile collectibles. I think maybe spray air might work, but a paintbrush is cheaper.

Friday, October 26, 2012

Thursday, October 25, 2012


Yesterday a friend needed a babysitter.  Her kids are close together.  One is 17 months and one will be three New Year's Day.  So, one and two.  Ours were 13 months apart, but that was a while ago. 
My plan was to let them play outside a lot.  They eat and take nice naps and sleep well at night, too.
My plan worked very well.
My favorite part of the day was the sugar-free lime jello.  They were sweet kids and said they liked jello.  Well.  I don't think they had ever had jello.  The little boy wandered by and touched it with his tongue and wandered off.  I watched the two-year old girl jiggle it with her spoon but not attempt to put it in her mouth.  I offered to feed it to her and she accepted happily.  The next time the boy went by, I told him he was eating it wrong.  He should eat it like his sister.  So I said, "Open wide," to the little girl.  She did.  Then I said to close.  She did.  Then I showed him the clean spoon.  Then it was his turn.  Open wide.  Close.  Clean spoon. 
He ate all his jello.  She ate the rest of the package of jello...small bowl after small bowl:)  She loved it!
I don't think you can take a two-year-old's word for what she likes to eat.  At least she said yes to everything instead of no.
She said she liked oatmeal.  But when she saw me putting it together, she asked if it was cream of wheat.  So I knew she had had cooked cereal...just not oatmeal.  They liked it just fine.  The only thing I didn't have success with was brussel sprouts.  They like broccoli according to their mother so I thought they might like the cute little cabbage-looking things.  They never made it to their mouths.
They also liked Curious George.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012


I've had very little internet service for the last few days.  Today has been the worst.  It impacts on my use of Myfitnesspal, fitbit, blog, email...whatever! 

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

I Don't Have to Do This?

Knitting class meets once a week.  Last week the teacher wasn't there.  The week before I was sick.  So today I was there.  I said, "I'm doing this because I read that it will help stave off Alzheimers. The lady subbing for the teacher who still wasn't there said, "It doesn't have to be knitting.  It can be crossword puzzles, reading and following directions, lots of things."
I put my knitting down and said, "I don't have to do this?"
Everybody there said loudly, "Yes, you do!"

Monday, October 22, 2012

Interesting Salad Addition

I had lunch at Besso's, an Italian restaurant in Jackson Saturday.  The bread was outstanding, but that was not an idea to be going on with.  While I was munching away on my salad, I encountered a taste of something good!  I poked around through all the leaves and found a sliver of onion that looked different.  I ate that by itself.  It was pickled!  It was astonishingly good!
Today I heated vinegar, added splenda, tasted it, added a little more splenda, and added it to an onion I had slivered.  I let it stay in the vinegar/splenda liquid until it was time to eat.
We had spaghetti with meat sauce and a salad side.  The pickled onion was really nice.  I'll do it again.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

My List

I put cleaning my car on my list for Sunday.  I don't do the same thing to it each Sunday, but I look at it and do something.  Today I did windows.  Last Sunday I did dash, console, etc.  The week before I used a garbage bag and got trash out.  I've been better about not building up the trash since it doesn't have trash everywhere. 

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Brilliant Idea

My husband uses a pen to deliver insulin for his diabetes.  It was making knots and his blood sugar numbers were still too high.  I noticed him rubbing the place after he gave himself the shot.  I asked if it hurt.  He said he was trying to get the insulin to disperse instead of making a knot.  I asked if it helped.  He said it didn't, he still had knots and still had high blood sugar numbers.
I got the Pampered Chef Pie Roller (I thought about a rolling pin first but decided the pie roller was better).  He agreed to try it.  He hasn't had a knot since he started rolling it after giving himself a shot and his blood sugar numbers are better!

Friday, October 19, 2012

Not on the Menu

Sometimes when I eat out it is a challenge.  Today was lovely.  I ordered a prime rib sandwich without the bread and grilled vegetables.  The grilled vegetables weren't on the menu.  Last time I was there I got a chef salad and whined about not liking salad, but it was on my diet.  The cook said she would steam or grill me some vegetables the next time.  They were wonderful!  I couldn't eat all of it, but it wasn't because it wasn't good!

Be Careful

Be careful making "old" jokes.  Some of us don't think they're funny; we think they are sad.  So, like with any joke, be sure of your audience.

Coconut Head

Before I lost weight, I worried about looking like a pumpkin head.  So I always had her put height on top and trim the sides shorter.
Now I've lost weight.  I had her give me a short hair cut, still shorter on the sides, no perm.  Well, I thought with no perm I should use something to give my hair some body.  I got a volumizer. It said to put it on the roots.  I have used it twice now.  It looks rough instead of shiny...sort of like one of those coconut dolls:(
My husband is very, very careful about what he says about my hair because I always suggest that he get the same "do" he wants me to have.
Last night he was looking at my coconut "do" and carefully offered, "I know why you wanted it short for summer.  I don't blame you.  But I really like it when you have "big hair."  Notice he didn't say he really liked big hair because he knew I would suggest that he have big hair if he liked it.  It would be easier for him because he has curls.  I have cat hair, really fine and nothing hair.  It didn't look so bad until I took the scissors to it yesterday so I couldn't see it looking out.  I really only like to see my hair in the mirror (and not always then).  But when it is lower than my eyebrows, it is awful.  So it is shorter.  I'm going to see how it looks without the volumizer.  If it still looks like I did it especially for Halloween, I'll go and let April fix it...if she can.

Thursday, October 18, 2012


My knee didn't hurt today.  I don't know why, but I'm very glad.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Spring and Fall

Spring and fall are both wonderful seasons. Spring is great because I'm getting ready to start the spring and summer "show."  I like to see what comes out in the spring.
I like the fall because that's when I plan the next spring and summer's look.
 That's me in the background standing beside a knock out rose.  The catalog said it would get about three feet tall and three feet wide.  It is more like 4 by 4.  It was a few inches tall when I planted in in the spring of last year. 
 This is a hybrid tea we planted this spring.
 These were free with something else I ordered one year.  I think they were called winter-hardy amaryllis.  I've looked them up to see if they come in other colors because they are totally carefree and pretty.  Anyway, I separated them, gave some away, and planted a few in different places.  I didn't know they would bloom as soon as they got in the ground.
 This is a double pink clematis.  I moved it and hoped it would live in its new location.  Apparently it is quite happy.
 This is a single purple clematis that has also survived its move.
 Some of my daylilies are blooming again.
 We bought an encore azalea last spring.  I broke a branch off when I was planting the one we bought.  I stuck it in the ground and it rooted.  I was looking to see if it has buds.  So far I haven't seen any, but it really looks healthy.
 Some of the irises are putting up bloom spikes, too.
 This is a pepper plant that is just covered with buds and small peppers.  I hope it has time to make some before we get a hard freeze.
 This is either a camilla or japonica.  I like it blooming right now:)
 Here's a close-up of the camilla blooms.  Many buds are visible, too.  When it frosts, the blooms that are open will be damaged, but the unopened buds will open and still be lovely.
 Another one.
The trees are starting to turn colors.  I didn't arrange that.  We have planted some specimen trees for fall color, but nature takes care of a lot!

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Black-eyed Susan Vine

I wasn't aware of the Black-eyed Susan vine until this year.  I got a few little plants from a neighbor and put them in my hanging baskets.  They aren't as striking as the angelwing begonias, but they make a really nice addition.  The yellow color of the blooms is nice as it twines around the other things in the flowerboxes.  I looked at Parks Seed and found that there are various colors available.  I'm going to get several seed packets for next year.
I'm attaching a link so you can see other uses to make of this amazing vine.
It may be necessary to copy and paste to get the pictures.


This is the most pecans we've gotten so far.  We've gotten a handful every year for the last few.  We planted the pecan trees when we first moved here, about twelve years ago.  Last year we would have had more except for busy squirrels.  I think the squirrels have enjoyed the acorns and hickory nuts that abound this year.
It has been a dry summer so the pecans aren't as uniformly large as they would be if the rain had been more evenly distributed.
My mother-in-law always paid her property taxes with the sale of her pecans. I don't think we'll ever get that many!


This movie was difficult to watch.  We are accustomed to flawed "heroes." We like them.  They make us feel that even though we may not be perfect, we can accomplish worthwhile goals.  Sherlock Holmes, Monk, House...flawed heroes.
The protagonist is this movie isn't flawed.  He's a monster who gets worse as he gets older.  The theme is kind of shaky because it appears to be that if a child is raised with love, he perhaps won't grow up to be a monster. 
It took almost a day to come up with whether or not I liked the movie.  It wasn't a "feel good" movie.  But it was engaging.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Dinner Was Good!

Richard introduced this method to us.  I usually don't do it because Larry doesn't like steak as much as I do and he cooks a lot.  But he rarely decides he wants steak.
But I bought an entire rib eye and had it cut into steaks and decided to do the salt it down thing.  I'm attaching a link to it because so much meat available around here is grass-fed beef and it just isn't as good as corn fed beef...I don't care how healthy it is.  So here is the link:
It doesn't look like a link so you may have to copy and paste it into your address place.
Ha.  You think dinner would have something with it besides steak?  Well, I had cabbage with mine.  Larry had cabbage, baked potato, butter, and sour cream...but he had a colonoscopy yesterday. He is going to eat anything he wants until he stops feeling rained on.  Poor baby.

Summer Kitchen - October

The summer kitchen is coming along.  The part that is closed in is where the two-burner surface unit will go.  It will be for canning.  The "porch" that is almost floored is where the barbecue grill will go when it is in use.
The other "porch" is more framed in and floored, but I couldn't decide to post it because my internet is doing badly.  It took 20 minutes to post a picture yesterday.  Today is better.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Rearranging My Stuff

I took out an end table we bought second hand and I'm using a wallpaper table to increase my workspace.
It didn't take long to do that, but it took a while to figure out how to position it so I could get to all parts of the room.  Having a play room for my craft stuff is extravagant since I don't make any money from it, but adding on is out of the question so I just have to keep rearranging that space to hold my toys:)

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Trying Cheap Cleaners

On the left are two of the five containers I got when I mixed the laundry detergent.  I used vinegar instead of Downey.  I was pleased with the soap and softener.  The clothes looked, smelled, and felt as nice as when I used liquid Tide and Downey.  Today I wore clothes I'd washed with it and noticed no irritation.  I have to be careful because a lot of soaps break me out.
A couple of people I know use vinegar to clean with.  Spray cleaners are pricey so I decided I would try it.  But I've been making pickled peppers and using vinegar.  I decided to get a jug for the laundry room so I would have a clue when I was running low in the kitchen.   When I started to pick up a jug of vinegar for the laundry area, I noticed there were two different kinds...the kind I use in the kitchen and the one above that says "Cleaning Vinegar."  Who knew?  So I bought that one.  Neither kind was very expensive.  I like the inexpensive part, but I am also pleased with the idea of not having cabinets full of spray cleaners of various types.  I guess I might buy a generic spray bottle just because I think I'll use less than just dumping some on a cloth.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

The Throne and Garbage Can

Stomach virus hit me yesterday.  I really don't know how I got it but happily it had been years since I'd experienced that particular distress.  Pepto Bismol is my stand-by for it.  Fortunately today was fine.
I worked in my greenhouse, rearranged my art room...again, and made jello for Larry...three packages.
I went to the store to replenish our supply of Pepto Bismol in case Larry needed it.  I also bought a bunch of soup.  My favorite soup when I'm sick is tomato soup with crackers.  Larry's is chicken double noodle.  Poor baby.  He didn't read the directions and thought they had started making it much thicker.  I told him if he liked it that way, do it again next time.  If he liked it the old way, add a can of water. 
I'm still having trouble with my internet.  It took a long time to let me on this site.  It never did load Amazon.  Maybe I'll try it again.

Monday, October 8, 2012

Rotated Pelvis

I went to the chiropractor today because a couple of parts don't work very well.  He said he would do one more adjustment, but if that doesn't fix it, he wants to take an x-ray because I might have a spur or degenerative condition.
So of course I came home and looked it up.  It was on an athletic site!  Runners on uneven ground (who sometimes fall) get this.  Well, I think maybe klutzes who walk on uneven ground and sometimes fall may inadvertently "fall" into the same category!
I really don't see how it could be very serious because I can walk just fine.  In fact, sitting is worse than walking, but don't even think about telling me to just walk all the time!  Putting on my socks is tricky sometimes.  None of that explains why my knee feels bad unless the left hip and right knee have gotten together to annoy me. 

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Book Review: Jump/Drive

Jump/Drive by Rich Griffith is a young adult book.  I enjoyed reading it for several reasons.  First, the characters were well-developed and realistic.  I hardly ever like a book just for the plot; I have to be able to sympathize with the characters.  They were from diverse backgrounds and behaved in a realistic manner.
The idea expressed by one of the characters resonated for me: to feel worthwhile, one must do something worthwhile.  All the compliments piled on a kid won't help if the kid doesn't feel he deserves them.  So he stepped up to the plate. Perception is everything.
The idea expressed that the only way to show caring is through sex is refuted well.  This is something kids need to believe...boys and girls.
The plot is also interesting.  I liked the side elements included to solve the problem in the plot: parkour and survivalist people and equipment...interestingly done.
Young adult books show kids figuring out how to become adults.  The characters, theme, and plot were well done in this book.

Debate - I Still Have Questions

I watched the presidential debates last night, and frankly, I still have some questions.  Some I was able to figure out.
Just looking, I couldn't tell which was taller, so I looked that up.  Mitt Romney is 6'2" and President Obama is 6'1".
Mitt has the most hair.
Mitt has fathered the most children.
I don't know who has the most dental work.
I don't know about cartilage in the left knee.
President Obama is the strongest environmentalist....yes, Big Bird.
Romney seems to have a better grasp of how to get more tax money out of Americans.  My dad explained it along these lines: it is better to make a little profit on a lot of items than a lot of profit on just a few items.  I guess nobody explained that to our president.
I'm still really confused about health care.  If it is better now than it was, why can't I tell it? 
If we have zero inflation, why does everything cost more?  I know.  Nobody said anything about that, but it's what was on my social security letter explaining why there was no cost of living increase.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Busier Than Usual

Today at the hospital I took up the old phone books, wrote the room numbers on the new phone books, and put the new ones in the bedside tables on three wings.  I also gave out the newspapers to the patients.  I filled the ice bags for the water pitchers for the rooms (I don't put the ice in the pitchers, just in the insulated cart so the bags are ready when needed).  There were also flyers to fold in thirds and deliver to the correct office.  I didn't fold them, but I did deliver them.
When I got home, Larry had a delivery of wood for his summer kitchen.  I helped move it from the ground to the truck (just ten pieces in the truck), and the floor of the summer kitchen.
When I can feel my feet again, I'm going to start on the laundry detergent recipe.

Monday, October 1, 2012

Sewing Machine Problem

I'm having tension problems with the sewing machine I mooched from Mama.  She bought it new almost fifty years ago.  We both learned to sew on it.  But she didn't use it very much and I moved out and bought one of my own.  I used it for years and then did something with it when we moved to Germany.
So I fiddled with it trying to get the tension right and finally gave up.  But when I took it to the Singer store, she had closed.
So I went to a fabric store and asked where I could take it for repair.  They gave me directions.  Larry was standing right there and directions usually make sense to him.  But we got on 45 north and the guy had said 45 S.  Larry said that the skating rink was north.  Well, we found the skating rink and the repair place wasn't there.  So we turned around and went to the skating rink on 45 S and it was there.
It was raining as we were driving around and I was lugging a sewing machine head in and out of stores.
The repairman wasn't there today so he's supposed to call tomorrow.  I hope it is me, not the machine!

Friday, September 28, 2012

Homemade Laundry Detergent

I had my hair trimmed today.  My hairdresser and two other ladies in there all use a homemade laundry detergent.  One offered to bring me some and said it doesn't irritate her daughter's skin (my skin is also sensitive).  I told her I was going to try it and wrote down the recipe.
When I got home, I looked it up to see what else was out there.
One site gave a breakdown on how economical it is.  One said how to turn baking soda into washing soda if the baking soda isn't readily available.
The most challenging part for me seems to be that it makes a lot and would require storage containers.

Why Do You Keep Washing My Cheese Pan?

Larry sat down with a cookie sheet of crumbled cheese crisps.  He was pretty annoyed.  He asked, "Why do you keep washing my cheese pan?"
I said, "You leave it on the counter.  When I look to make sure the kitchen looks clean, I clean off the counters."
"But my cheese crisps stick when it's clean.  Do you want me to scrub the skillet you cook eggs in?"
"I don't leave the skillet on the counter."
When I did my visual check last night, his cheese pan wasn't on the counter:)

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Getting Plants In

Larry thinks the angel wing begonias would be better if I didn't start them until maybe February.  So I'm taking the baskets into the greenhouse without breaking them off.  They are huge and heavy.  They are hard to get up onto the hooks.  But I'm almost finished.  I'm also taking all the dichondra in so I can try to get more of them started for next spring.  I am going to try to drape some of the long strands onto the starter plugs, pin them down with floral wire I've cut and bent, and just see if I can get a bunch of new ones that way.
I've also gone through my clothes...again...and gotten a bunch to give away.  I'm on my third housecoat from LLBean.  I've gone from 2X to 1X to Reg. Large:)  But my new stuff needs space and I've decided to get rid of more of the old stuff.  It's hard to get rid of stuff that is still good.  But I found somebody who wants it, so that helps.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Knitting Class

Last week was my first knitting class. She showed me how to cast on a knit.  So I knitted a good bit.  I was pretty sure it wasn't very good because it kept getting bigger.  I started with 24 stitches for the width.  Then it was 27.  Then it was 29.  When I noticed it was 29, I just knitted a couple of strands at a time until it was 27 again.
The teacher pulled all of it off, even the stitches I'd cast on.  I don't do it wrong on purpose, but I don't seem very good at it.  My standards aren't very high, either.  I thought about pulling the stitches out, but I didn't think I could get the needle back in.
This may be an inexpensive hobby...I'll just keep knitting the same skein of yarn over and over.  At least I bought brown.  It shouldn't show dirt as I knit it over and over.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Nice Day

I have a cart on the porch that I've been storing plant stuff on.  I had it at school so it had interior varnish on it.  It has started to look ratty so I cleaned it, sanded it, and put exterior varnish on it.  I have found sterilite containers that fit on the shelves.  This will prevent spills from getting on the wood.  Some of the stuff is pretty corrosive.  It at through the varnish that was on it down to the bare wood.  It wouldn't wash or sand off; I had to scrape it off.  So any spills or leaks should go in the plastic containers in the future.  I was very pleased with my efforts.
Then we went to Pebble Isle Marina.  The grill is called Gray Heron Grill and I like the place.  I like the food and sitting on the deck looking at the fish, water, fishermen, and trees beginning to change colors.  I was wearing jeans and polartec.  Larry was wearing shorts and short sleeves.  I asked if he wasn't cold and he agreed it was getting chilly.
Then I dragged some branches to a pile.  We have a lot of branches because of the trees the tree removal guy worked on.  We didn't have him clean up.  Some people who use wood for fire and cooking are going to come get the chunks, but we'll just burn the branches.
Then for dinner we had healthy, delicious stuff.
And Bones was back on for the second show in the new season.
I knitted while watching Bones.  I'm not very good at it.  I think I won't be able to use the excuse, "But it's my first thing," forever.  Maybe I'll get better or find a blind person to give scarves to.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Diet Side Dish

 Larry cooked a roast.  I used the juice from the roast to make this side dish.  I put onion, bell peppers, hot peppers, mushrooms, and 1/4 t xanthum gum in the juice.  I cooked the Dreamfields elbow noodles in a different pot and then combined them when the pasta was cooked. 
I made the spinach quiche several times.  This one has frozen broccoli instead of spinach.  I cut it into eight servings and then eat a serving for whichever meal I want.  It works well for breakfast, lunch, or whatever.