Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Snow Ice Cream

This morning we woke up to snow.  It isn't enough for snow ice cream and I don't think it will be because even though it is coming down nicely, it isn't piling up on the ground...the ground is too warm, I guess.
But it is lovely coming down and flocking all the plants.  It's kind of a wet snow so it sticks to trees, bushes, everything except the ground.
But when the snow is deep and fluffy, I like to scrape the top off into a bowl, add half and half, vanilla, and Splenda. It is a low-carb treat for my husband and me.
So when the weather people are predicting snow, make sure you have half and half.  If you aren't watching your weight or diabetic, sugar and Eagle Brand Milk or Pet Milk (in a can) are really good.  It is also easier to make sure you have the milk when it's canned.
 Pretty, but not enough for snow ice cream.
The metal roof on the gray building is green when it isn't covered with a dusting of snow.

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