Tuesday, December 25, 2012


Presents are wonderful because they mean somebody cares enough about us to give us something.  But presents are tricky.  I have given my husband gifts over the years that he doesn't like.  I have ended up not spending much on his presents because it is just wrong to spend a lot of money on something and then listen to what a dumb present it was for a long time.  Or if he doesn't say it was a dumb present but never wears/uses it and gives it away, it was still a waste of time and money.
So I try to get him something I think he will like and cook something for him that I know he likes.
That being said, gifts are difficult for me because it isn't just my husband that doesn't like what I give him!  I feel safest with gift cards.  If they can't find something with it, it obviously isn't my problem.  Lack of thought?  Don't go there.  A lot of thought doesn't turn them into me and obviously I have a clue what I want.
But presents open another avenue.  Sometimes we don't know we want it until we get it.  So I always try to use/wear/eat whatever it is just in case I really, really wanted it and just didn't know it.

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