Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Preppers - Like Gaming?

I've read some of the prepper blogs, books, and watched some of the episodes on television.
Do the overweight, out-of-shape preppers realize that they will be at a severe disadvantage because of their bodies?
But still, it reminds me of gamers only they are doing it in the real world instead of on paper or online.
I do think being prepared is a good idea because stuff happens.  But seriously, if living somewhere is worrying someone to the extent that they are going to leave everything when bad things happen, why not just move?  These people aren't living on the edge.  They are financially solvent.  Many of them need to move!  Don't live on Manhattan Island if it frightens you.
And a lollipop for protection?  Really?  Why not a ballpoint pen?  If I tried to use a lollipop, the first swing would go at an angle and be worthless next!

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