Saturday, December 22, 2012

The Usual?

I've gone to a couple of places frequently enough that they know what my "usual" is.  Some things don't change all that much.  Whatever I drink usually stays the same.  It used to be a nice dark beer when I was in Germany but is currently water.  But frequently I order the same thing to eat at a particular place.
Last night we ate at a place where the waitress knows what we want.  By the time we got into the restaurant she had put unsweet tea at my husband's place and water and Tabasco at my place.  I don't drink the Tabasco but I do want it.  When we first started going there, Tabasco was at all the places.  Then for a couple of visits all they had was Louisiana Hot Sauce.  I whined, of course.  They are both spicy hot, but they taste different.  After that, they had both and she always brings me Tabasco.
When she put our drinks on the table, she asks, "The usual?"
The first time that happened, we said yes.  Well, she must have brought what was usual for people coming in, because it was not what we usually ordered.  It was usual for our order but not for the sides.  After that, though, she brought the right thing every time.
I don't know how she can keep everybody's orders in her head because I heard her ask another couple before we left, "The usual?"

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