Saturday, December 22, 2012

Decorating Insanity

I wish I could get as carried away decorating for all the holidays, or even, something each month.  I love the ton of Christmas decorations I've accumulated over the years.  I've seen television snips about people who have more stuff than I do...kind of like hoarding except for a holiday. 
But if I decorated for everything, I really don't know where I'd put the stuff.  Christmas takes up a lot of space when not in use.
I've made a lot of stuff.  But I've also benefited from after-Christmas sales as well as going-out-of-business sales.
My opulent door wreath was purchased three years ago after Christmas at a florist.  I always figure I'll probably still be alive next Christmas, and, being me, I'll still want to decorate.  So far, it has held true.  Now, I have to admit, sometimes I forget what I've bought because I didn't use it as soon as I bought it.  But it doesn't matter because I do have sense enough to store it with the rest of the Christmas stuff.
Lights?  I have enough lights for three houses.  That's because if they stop making what I have, I won't have to replace them all...I have replacements that I bought after Christmas the year I bought all those white icicle lights in the first place.
One year I found a ton of fake poinsettias in reds and pinks with gold.  They don't sound wonderful, but I love them.  I bought candle circles, sprays, etc.  They are quite old and I've taken them apart and reconfigured them numerous times.  I enjoy them every year.  I still enjoy that I got them on sale:)  Some of them are shaped funny now.  I think I'll use my hair dryer on them to see if they relax enough to look new. 

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