Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Little Trampoline

My bright idea about using my little trampoline to get my steps in works pretty well.  I can put my ipod on the dock and listen to a story.  I can listen to somebody talk on the phone but I'm not very good at talking and "walking/jogging."  But it is still exercise even though I'm not outside.
Maybe I'll do a little more later.  I like the little trampoline because it is low-impact and it totally eliminates any weather excuse I might have to prevent me from exercising.  The little trampoline came from WalMart and cost in the $20+ range.  It is cheaper than cooler jumpers.  It isn't ok to do flips on it, but all I do is basically transfer my weight from one foot to the other which is how I define walking, jogging, running, cross-country skiing, lots of things, just varying the speed.
It had to be exercise because my thighs are tired and I was breathing hard.

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