Monday, December 24, 2012

Lots to Do

 The boxes with the slanted tops are for holding tableware.  Larry made them patterned on the finished one that is reddish one in the center of the picture. I've spent a while this morning trying to decide what pictures to paint on them.  I think I've decided on a four-seasons folk art series.  The metal thing is a bunch of fairy tale characters.  All I need to do for that to be finished is hang it.  Sooner or later I'm going to buy some model paint and paint it.  But I have a better chance of actually doing that if I go ahead and hang it. There is a picture in the center top that needed the frame glued back together.  It is glued now, but it needs the picture fastened in.  Then it can go back on the wall.  The box with the white lid on the bottom is only semi-finished.  I have another one in the same shape.  It would be easier to actually finish a project if Larry didn't keep providing me with more projects.
I'm still knitting, too.

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