Monday, October 1, 2012

Sewing Machine Problem

I'm having tension problems with the sewing machine I mooched from Mama.  She bought it new almost fifty years ago.  We both learned to sew on it.  But she didn't use it very much and I moved out and bought one of my own.  I used it for years and then did something with it when we moved to Germany.
So I fiddled with it trying to get the tension right and finally gave up.  But when I took it to the Singer store, she had closed.
So I went to a fabric store and asked where I could take it for repair.  They gave me directions.  Larry was standing right there and directions usually make sense to him.  But we got on 45 north and the guy had said 45 S.  Larry said that the skating rink was north.  Well, we found the skating rink and the repair place wasn't there.  So we turned around and went to the skating rink on 45 S and it was there.
It was raining as we were driving around and I was lugging a sewing machine head in and out of stores.
The repairman wasn't there today so he's supposed to call tomorrow.  I hope it is me, not the machine!

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