Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Trying Cheap Cleaners

On the left are two of the five containers I got when I mixed the laundry detergent.  I used vinegar instead of Downey.  I was pleased with the soap and softener.  The clothes looked, smelled, and felt as nice as when I used liquid Tide and Downey.  Today I wore clothes I'd washed with it and noticed no irritation.  I have to be careful because a lot of soaps break me out.
A couple of people I know use vinegar to clean with.  Spray cleaners are pricey so I decided I would try it.  But I've been making pickled peppers and using vinegar.  I decided to get a jug for the laundry room so I would have a clue when I was running low in the kitchen.   When I started to pick up a jug of vinegar for the laundry area, I noticed there were two different kinds...the kind I use in the kitchen and the one above that says "Cleaning Vinegar."  Who knew?  So I bought that one.  Neither kind was very expensive.  I like the inexpensive part, but I am also pleased with the idea of not having cabinets full of spray cleaners of various types.  I guess I might buy a generic spray bottle just because I think I'll use less than just dumping some on a cloth.

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