Friday, October 19, 2012

Coconut Head

Before I lost weight, I worried about looking like a pumpkin head.  So I always had her put height on top and trim the sides shorter.
Now I've lost weight.  I had her give me a short hair cut, still shorter on the sides, no perm.  Well, I thought with no perm I should use something to give my hair some body.  I got a volumizer. It said to put it on the roots.  I have used it twice now.  It looks rough instead of shiny...sort of like one of those coconut dolls:(
My husband is very, very careful about what he says about my hair because I always suggest that he get the same "do" he wants me to have.
Last night he was looking at my coconut "do" and carefully offered, "I know why you wanted it short for summer.  I don't blame you.  But I really like it when you have "big hair."  Notice he didn't say he really liked big hair because he knew I would suggest that he have big hair if he liked it.  It would be easier for him because he has curls.  I have cat hair, really fine and nothing hair.  It didn't look so bad until I took the scissors to it yesterday so I couldn't see it looking out.  I really only like to see my hair in the mirror (and not always then).  But when it is lower than my eyebrows, it is awful.  So it is shorter.  I'm going to see how it looks without the volumizer.  If it still looks like I did it especially for Halloween, I'll go and let April fix it...if she can.

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