Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Spring and Fall

Spring and fall are both wonderful seasons. Spring is great because I'm getting ready to start the spring and summer "show."  I like to see what comes out in the spring.
I like the fall because that's when I plan the next spring and summer's look.
 That's me in the background standing beside a knock out rose.  The catalog said it would get about three feet tall and three feet wide.  It is more like 4 by 4.  It was a few inches tall when I planted in in the spring of last year. 
 This is a hybrid tea we planted this spring.
 These were free with something else I ordered one year.  I think they were called winter-hardy amaryllis.  I've looked them up to see if they come in other colors because they are totally carefree and pretty.  Anyway, I separated them, gave some away, and planted a few in different places.  I didn't know they would bloom as soon as they got in the ground.
 This is a double pink clematis.  I moved it and hoped it would live in its new location.  Apparently it is quite happy.
 This is a single purple clematis that has also survived its move.
 Some of my daylilies are blooming again.
 We bought an encore azalea last spring.  I broke a branch off when I was planting the one we bought.  I stuck it in the ground and it rooted.  I was looking to see if it has buds.  So far I haven't seen any, but it really looks healthy.
 Some of the irises are putting up bloom spikes, too.
 This is a pepper plant that is just covered with buds and small peppers.  I hope it has time to make some before we get a hard freeze.
 This is either a camilla or japonica.  I like it blooming right now:)
 Here's a close-up of the camilla blooms.  Many buds are visible, too.  When it frosts, the blooms that are open will be damaged, but the unopened buds will open and still be lovely.
 Another one.
The trees are starting to turn colors.  I didn't arrange that.  We have planted some specimen trees for fall color, but nature takes care of a lot!

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