Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Busier Than Usual

Today at the hospital I took up the old phone books, wrote the room numbers on the new phone books, and put the new ones in the bedside tables on three wings.  I also gave out the newspapers to the patients.  I filled the ice bags for the water pitchers for the rooms (I don't put the ice in the pitchers, just in the insulated cart so the bags are ready when needed).  There were also flyers to fold in thirds and deliver to the correct office.  I didn't fold them, but I did deliver them.
When I got home, Larry had a delivery of wood for his summer kitchen.  I helped move it from the ground to the truck (just ten pieces in the truck), and the floor of the summer kitchen.
When I can feel my feet again, I'm going to start on the laundry detergent recipe.

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