Thursday, October 4, 2012

Debate - I Still Have Questions

I watched the presidential debates last night, and frankly, I still have some questions.  Some I was able to figure out.
Just looking, I couldn't tell which was taller, so I looked that up.  Mitt Romney is 6'2" and President Obama is 6'1".
Mitt has the most hair.
Mitt has fathered the most children.
I don't know who has the most dental work.
I don't know about cartilage in the left knee.
President Obama is the strongest environmentalist....yes, Big Bird.
Romney seems to have a better grasp of how to get more tax money out of Americans.  My dad explained it along these lines: it is better to make a little profit on a lot of items than a lot of profit on just a few items.  I guess nobody explained that to our president.
I'm still really confused about health care.  If it is better now than it was, why can't I tell it? 
If we have zero inflation, why does everything cost more?  I know.  Nobody said anything about that, but it's what was on my social security letter explaining why there was no cost of living increase.

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