Tuesday, October 9, 2012

The Throne and Garbage Can

Stomach virus hit me yesterday.  I really don't know how I got it but happily it had been years since I'd experienced that particular distress.  Pepto Bismol is my stand-by for it.  Fortunately today was fine.
I worked in my greenhouse, rearranged my art room...again, and made jello for Larry...three packages.
I went to the store to replenish our supply of Pepto Bismol in case Larry needed it.  I also bought a bunch of soup.  My favorite soup when I'm sick is tomato soup with crackers.  Larry's is chicken double noodle.  Poor baby.  He didn't read the directions and thought they had started making it much thicker.  I told him if he liked it that way, do it again next time.  If he liked it the old way, add a can of water. 
I'm still having trouble with my internet.  It took a long time to let me on this site.  It never did load Amazon.  Maybe I'll try it again.

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