Thursday, October 25, 2012


Yesterday a friend needed a babysitter.  Her kids are close together.  One is 17 months and one will be three New Year's Day.  So, one and two.  Ours were 13 months apart, but that was a while ago. 
My plan was to let them play outside a lot.  They eat and take nice naps and sleep well at night, too.
My plan worked very well.
My favorite part of the day was the sugar-free lime jello.  They were sweet kids and said they liked jello.  Well.  I don't think they had ever had jello.  The little boy wandered by and touched it with his tongue and wandered off.  I watched the two-year old girl jiggle it with her spoon but not attempt to put it in her mouth.  I offered to feed it to her and she accepted happily.  The next time the boy went by, I told him he was eating it wrong.  He should eat it like his sister.  So I said, "Open wide," to the little girl.  She did.  Then I said to close.  She did.  Then I showed him the clean spoon.  Then it was his turn.  Open wide.  Close.  Clean spoon. 
He ate all his jello.  She ate the rest of the package of jello...small bowl after small bowl:)  She loved it!
I don't think you can take a two-year-old's word for what she likes to eat.  At least she said yes to everything instead of no.
She said she liked oatmeal.  But when she saw me putting it together, she asked if it was cream of wheat.  So I knew she had had cooked cereal...just not oatmeal.  They liked it just fine.  The only thing I didn't have success with was brussel sprouts.  They like broccoli according to their mother so I thought they might like the cute little cabbage-looking things.  They never made it to their mouths.
They also liked Curious George.

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