Thursday, October 4, 2012

Book Review: Jump/Drive

Jump/Drive by Rich Griffith is a young adult book.  I enjoyed reading it for several reasons.  First, the characters were well-developed and realistic.  I hardly ever like a book just for the plot; I have to be able to sympathize with the characters.  They were from diverse backgrounds and behaved in a realistic manner.
The idea expressed by one of the characters resonated for me: to feel worthwhile, one must do something worthwhile.  All the compliments piled on a kid won't help if the kid doesn't feel he deserves them.  So he stepped up to the plate. Perception is everything.
The idea expressed that the only way to show caring is through sex is refuted well.  This is something kids need to believe...boys and girls.
The plot is also interesting.  I liked the side elements included to solve the problem in the plot: parkour and survivalist people and equipment...interestingly done.
Young adult books show kids figuring out how to become adults.  The characters, theme, and plot were well done in this book.

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