Monday, October 8, 2012

Rotated Pelvis

I went to the chiropractor today because a couple of parts don't work very well.  He said he would do one more adjustment, but if that doesn't fix it, he wants to take an x-ray because I might have a spur or degenerative condition.
So of course I came home and looked it up.  It was on an athletic site!  Runners on uneven ground (who sometimes fall) get this.  Well, I think maybe klutzes who walk on uneven ground and sometimes fall may inadvertently "fall" into the same category!
I really don't see how it could be very serious because I can walk just fine.  In fact, sitting is worse than walking, but don't even think about telling me to just walk all the time!  Putting on my socks is tricky sometimes.  None of that explains why my knee feels bad unless the left hip and right knee have gotten together to annoy me. 

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