Monday, September 24, 2012

Nice Day

I have a cart on the porch that I've been storing plant stuff on.  I had it at school so it had interior varnish on it.  It has started to look ratty so I cleaned it, sanded it, and put exterior varnish on it.  I have found sterilite containers that fit on the shelves.  This will prevent spills from getting on the wood.  Some of the stuff is pretty corrosive.  It at through the varnish that was on it down to the bare wood.  It wouldn't wash or sand off; I had to scrape it off.  So any spills or leaks should go in the plastic containers in the future.  I was very pleased with my efforts.
Then we went to Pebble Isle Marina.  The grill is called Gray Heron Grill and I like the place.  I like the food and sitting on the deck looking at the fish, water, fishermen, and trees beginning to change colors.  I was wearing jeans and polartec.  Larry was wearing shorts and short sleeves.  I asked if he wasn't cold and he agreed it was getting chilly.
Then I dragged some branches to a pile.  We have a lot of branches because of the trees the tree removal guy worked on.  We didn't have him clean up.  Some people who use wood for fire and cooking are going to come get the chunks, but we'll just burn the branches.
Then for dinner we had healthy, delicious stuff.
And Bones was back on for the second show in the new season.
I knitted while watching Bones.  I'm not very good at it.  I think I won't be able to use the excuse, "But it's my first thing," forever.  Maybe I'll get better or find a blind person to give scarves to.

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