Friday, September 7, 2012

Summer Kitchen - September

Every payday, Larry buys a little more to put on the summer kitchen.  I helped him yesterday, but he did more than I did.
We got the rest of the floor joists in and the plywood on it.  He said we can dance on it. Right.
It has two little pieces sticking off that don't have plywood down yet.  He has some insulation to put under the metal on the roof and some plywood for closing in the top.  We got some paint this morning, but it is the wrong color.  It's blue.  He doesn't want the ceiling blue.  He wants to paint the plywood before installing it.  I wonder if he's going to paint it blue anyway, or buy more paint.  He plans to put something else on the plywood on the floor...wood like we have on the porch.
When he said he wanted to build a place to put his grill, this is not what I was picturing.  But it is what I was picturing before we moved to Tennessee...a place to can outside.  That was before I realized how nice air conditioning would be while canning.  We hardly ever can inside though...we use a fish fryer on the porch of the shop.  This should be way nicer.

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