Friday, September 14, 2012

Will You Help Me a Minute?

Larry says that, but he doesn't usually say what he wants me to do.  I just answer that I will, and I don't even make faces where he can see me.  The reason I say yes is because I want him to help me without whining about it.  The reason I make faces is he doesn't say doing what and I'd like to know even though I would still agree.
But yesterday I figured that if used the same words he did, maybe he would know how to answer correctly. 
So I said, "Will you help me for a minute?  I want to use the tiller and I may not be able to start it."
He said he would with no whining:)
I dug a trench with the Mantis because my to do list has "separate and plant monkey grass."  Well, I've been working on that one thing since Saturday.  I'm still not finished separating and planting the monkey grass.  The first day I tried to separate it by hand.  Larry suggested that I use my garden knife.  That was a really excellent idea.  I also cut myself that day.  Blood and mud.  So I cleaned up the cut, put a  band-aid on it and continued.
I worked off and on all day today separating and planting more.  I don't know how much longer it's going to take.

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