Friday, September 14, 2012

Do You Want to Go for a Ride?

This is another annoying question.  If we are in the truck, and he said we were going to WalMart, we'll end up going to a gun store, a bakery, a nursery, and WalMart.  I've learned, take a book.
If we are in the gator, it would be good to know if I need garden shoes and gloves, bug spray, garden tools, or whatever.  Yesterday we went to see where they'd cut the hay.  Then we drove through the woods for a while.  I like driving through the woods, but we needed the chainsaw and weed-whacker with the clearing blade.  That would have been more fun than driving over small trees to go around the big trees that have fallen over our paths.
Oh, well.
 Before I got in for a ride today, I asked if we were going through the woods so I could coat myself with bug spray.

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