Wednesday, September 5, 2012


I love tulips!  When we lived in Germany, we would go to Keukenhof (in Lisse, Holland) to see the tulips in bloom.  Other things were blooming, too, but the tulips were my favorite.  I bought tulips and planted them in Germany.  They bloomed year after year.
When we moved to Tennessee, I spent several hundred dollars on tulips.  They bloomed the first year and that was it.  Evidently they have to be treated as annuals here.
I'm going to try them again this year, but I'm going to plant them in fabric containers.  I've ordered 100 Flair tulips and two large containers.  I'm getting the fabric ones because they will be light, have good drainage, and I intend to try different things until I have tulips every spring.  It won't be Keukenhof, but they will remind me of the beauty I have been fortunate enough to enjoy...and create:)
These pictures are from Keukenhof.  The only annoying thing is they bloom and the weather might be absolutely awful.  So unless you get lucky, you may be there on a gray, blustery day with rain pelting down.
 These were the fields behind the gardens.
 Hyacinths and tulips are wonderful.
 These are commercial gardens and it is great to be able to walk along, see something you want, and buy them right there.  They send them when it is time to plant them.
I placed my order with Colorblends.  I'm excited:)  The place is located in Connecticut, but the tulips should be the same.  I asked if I dig them up after the greenery dies back, dip them in fungicide, and store them in a refrigerator, will they bloom the next year.  He said they wouldn't.  I think with them being in containers, it will at least be possible to try that.
When I read about it, it sounded possible, but not the way I am going to try it.  
Boy, that will be a first.

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