Thursday, September 27, 2012

Getting Plants In

Larry thinks the angel wing begonias would be better if I didn't start them until maybe February.  So I'm taking the baskets into the greenhouse without breaking them off.  They are huge and heavy.  They are hard to get up onto the hooks.  But I'm almost finished.  I'm also taking all the dichondra in so I can try to get more of them started for next spring.  I am going to try to drape some of the long strands onto the starter plugs, pin them down with floral wire I've cut and bent, and just see if I can get a bunch of new ones that way.
I've also gone through my clothes...again...and gotten a bunch to give away.  I'm on my third housecoat from LLBean.  I've gone from 2X to 1X to Reg. Large:)  But my new stuff needs space and I've decided to get rid of more of the old stuff.  It's hard to get rid of stuff that is still good.  But I found somebody who wants it, so that helps.

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