Monday, September 3, 2012

Clint Eastwood - RNC

The RNC tried to hit a number of demographics in their convention.
The conservative Latino section - well, not me, but OK.
The conservative Black section - again, not me, but good.
NRA - yes...I'm not a member but I do think the Swiss have it right about armed citizens.
Christian - I'm not against Christians.
Strong military - I used to think I was isolationist...pretty much until 911.  I think most wars are about side has something the other side wants...regardless of what they say they are upset about.  But with 911 I decided I really wasn't isolationist.  The best defense is a strong offense makes good sense.  Relying on somebody's else's sense of humanity and tolerance isn't helpful.
Schools - I agree that there are some lousy teachers.  I don't agree that the federal government has any business interfering in education.  I am under the impression that education is a states' rights issue and that the federal government wormed its way in by offering federal funds if certain conditions are met.  Sometimes those conditions are helpful and sometimes they are detrimental to the students. Tenure is a touchy subject.  The part where there are three years before a teacher becomes tenured doesn't insure a person doesn't become slack or whatever later in his/her career.  But tenure was supposed to protect a teacher from political harm...whether I agree with the politics or not...they get to have theirs.
What demographic does Clint Eastwood represent?  Well, mine.  Old, irreverent, conservative.  The whole point of his ramble was "They work for us.  If they aren't getting the job done, it's time to let them go."  I may have scrambled the order of the words, but that was the gist and I totally agree.
I'll try to watch the Democratic convention's speeches.  I wonder what they will have for my demographic. 

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