Monday, September 10, 2012

Fall Harvest

 We've had a lot of muscadines this year.  Most of them don't make it into the house...we eat them as we pick them.  The pecans aren't very big; I think it must be because of the drought.  The banana peppers have been spectacular, but these peppers are all hot.  I'm going to remove the seeds and veins, cut them in half and freeze them.  I am picturing casseroles this winter.
This will be another quart of tomatoes for the freezer.  If we have a lot of tomatoes, we can them.  If we just have some, we cook them down and freeze them.  If it looks as if we are going to run out of freezer space, we take some out, heat them back up and can them.
The neighbors have come to cut our hay.  They do it like we saw in Switzerland with horses and no motorized machinery.  They don't like to have their pictures taken, so no cool pictures.
We plan to eat at the marina, not bait.  They have a nice restaurant, and the weather is great for sitting out.

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