Sunday, November 25, 2012

Beautiful Day

Today was one of those sparkling days without a lot of wind.  I vacuumed up leaves (an ongoing project), put mulch around three sides of the gardenia house, and various and sundry little things.  It seems that with the leaf vac I would have gotten my five thousand steps in on my fitbit.  But no. Using a pitchfork to load three carts of mulch and drag it to the gardenia didn't do it, either.  Walking does it, but I object to walking for no purpose...yeah, I've had the conversation where a fit body counts.  Evidently a fit body is further down the list than seeing that I accomplished something.  I even moved my place to empty my compost pail so I would walk more and get in a flight of stairs.  Still not enough. The fitbit "wants" 10,000 steps.  I've only gotten that once or twice since I've had the little jewel.  I have to pay attention to get half that in on a regular basis!
I've stopped using MyFitnessPal because it kept saying I had done it five days in a row when I had tried to do it consistently but was having trouble with connectivity. I'm still trying to eat low-carb, high fiber...I'm just not recording it.  My blood sugar was 94 this morning; life's good.

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