Saturday, June 25, 2011


Time is sort of like money.  Not, as you've possibly heard, that time is money.  But time is like money in that we spend both.  Immediate gratification uses some of our time.  We eat for immediate gratification.  But if we eat in a manner that is healthy for us, that covers both bases, immediate and delayed gratification because we benefit from it both now and later.
Each day is better for me if I have some of both usages.  I think it may be a way to defeat depression.  If I only do things for right now, I am accepting that there is no tomorrow that is worth looking forward to. If, on the other hand, I do something today that benefits tomorrow, it is a hopeful attitude and hope and depression don't live in the some brain.
I hope you do something each day that you will benefit from the next day.  Putting mulch around plants is a hopeful thing.  I hope not to have to weed as much tomorrow.  I hope the soil will benefit from the amendments.  I hope the soil will retain more moisture and not erode during our gully-washer downpours here in Tennessee.

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