Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Good Trash

Today I was able to give a child a little toy that was a free thing brought in and put in our basket. There were several choices and he selected the one he wanted. His dad told him to say thank you and he did. The little boy's face lit up and I felt good, too. 
I brought several newspapers from last week to use beneath the pine bark nuggets for a little path in my tire garden.
And I have a pile of box tops to take to the school toward the end of this month. I'll take a couple of bags of old magazines to the school when I take the box tops. 
The plastic bags from WalMart make good packing material and I use them to pick things in the garden. I drape it over my arm so I have both hands free for picking stuff. People complain about the plastic bags, but I like them. If they don't have holes in them, I get a lot of use out of them. I buy small garbage can liners. but I usually dump the contents into a free plastic bag, knot it and toss it in the big can outside. The liners I paid for last a long time that way.
I've used baskets and bags for my stuff, but really it makes a mess. I have a bunch of insulated bags for frozen stuff, and I'm willing to clean and air them.

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