Saturday, July 16, 2016

Hash Browns

We harvested our little crop of red potatoes in a couple of sessions. This is maybe half. The ground was so hard it broke the handle of the potato fork. It broke down in the metal part. Larry said the way to replace the handle is to cut it off at the beginning of the metal part and throw it in a fire. The wood will burn away leaving the metal part so the handle can be replaced.
But I decided I wanted hash browns. Larry said we couldn't use these because they are still full of water. The recipe called for two pounds so I weighed the red potatoes in the bag. It took all of them except one. He tried to make me use it, too, but I insisted that having weighed the potatoes so the recipe would be right, he didn't get to adjust the recipe in favor of tidiness.
The hash browns were fantastic. They aren't really on our diet, but it was time.

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