Wednesday, November 4, 2015


This flower bed is right in front of the porch. I decided to plant 100 blue jacket hyacinths and 100 flair tulips. The ground was a driveway until we built the house and moved the driveway a little further from the house. Moving the driveway consisted of putting more gravel down and letting grass grow. But I keep planting things there.
This time I had to use a pick and shovel to dig the trenches. Larry said it is like trying to dig through a Roman road. That is hyperbole, because I don't think I could dig through a Roman road and I did manage to dig up these tightly-packed pebbles. Larry didn't like how I did it, so he took the pick away from me and did it. Then he took the shovel away and did that, too.
 I wish he'd been as happy about that as I was:)
All the hyacinths are planted around the outside (You're digging in the wrong place; that's where I spray round-up!)
The flair tulips will be on the inside. I hope the ground isn't as full of pebbles. But there should be good drainage.

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