Thursday, June 30, 2016

Hanging Baskets

My hanging baskets are great! I use angelwing begonias every year, and every year I worry they won't be pretty. But they are very reliable. Later the blooms will cascade more, but they are nice now.
I made five and a half pints of blueberry preserves this morning. It looks like they set this time.
I picked blackberries to add to the ones in the refrigerator. I plan to work on them tomorrow. I want to make jelly and maybe blackberry cordial. I'm going to have lots more blackberries so I'll probably do the same again in a few days.
I fertilize stuff with a weak solution of fertilizer each week. I did the flower boxes and baskets yesterday along with flowers in the front flower beds.
Today I fertilized with strawberry plants, cucumbers, tomatoes and eggplants in my tire garden.
The temperature has just been in the 80's for a couple of days so it's been ok working outside.

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