Wednesday, August 3, 2011


An Amish couple stopped by in their buggy with horses and complimented me on my flowers this evening as I was watering some grass.  I offered her some cuttings and she said maybe another day she would stop for longer...they were just sitting in the road. 


  1. The amish or the cuttings were sitting in the road? :)
    I don't blame them for stopping. You have a great looking place!
    Especially contrast it with what it looked like a little over year ago! It was a muddy hill with a house taking shape on top and now it's a showcase house like out of a magazine. You've done a lot of work and the recognize it.

  2. The Amish were sitting in their buggy in the road, although after the wind we had during the night, it's a wonder the flowers aren't out there this morning.