Friday, August 12, 2011


Retirement has brought on a question that is hard for me to answer...what are you doing?
I am trying to figure out how to live without basing my identity on my job.  I want to do what I want to and what I need to do.  I pretty much don't know how to do much of anything with all the time I need to do a good job.  Have I done things before with a lick and a promise because that is the kind of person I am, or did I do it that way because I'd rather have been doing three other things?  I really don't know.  I tend to lose interest in things that require effort once I start back to work.  I'm trying to figure out quality of life...what makes it for me given no particular limit on time?  So when somebody asks, "What are you doing now?"  my answer seems to be, "Nothing."  Oh well.  It's more difficult than one would think.

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  1. That's one of the things I've been up in the air about lately, (as in before, during, and after I stepped down) I made up my mind not to be my job because I didn't want to be any more. I wanted to have time to do things I wanted to do... and then, once I was home more, and had the time, I got to figure out what those things were that I'd sacrificed so much money and career position to do lol. I'd been pretty clear on it at first, but then some things changed in the living situation, obviously, and who I was is/was up for grabs again.
    I think I'm still figuring it out. I'm sure you will... the good part is I don't think the answer is a static one. I think it moves around. I'm sure it moves around seasonally. I like to camp, bike, and run except in winter. I like to video game a lot... but mostly do it when it's cold and crappy out so those two of me don't see each other much. They pass in the halls of the equinoxes and nod at each other in passing but that's about it.
    Looking forward to watching you find out who you feel like being. :)