Monday, April 7, 2014

Shopping Fiasco

I went to WalMart to buy two things...carb smart popsicles and cajun trail mix. The trail mix is a little high on carbs but I mix it with almonds so I have a snack with two different things in it to lower the carb count and increase the fiber.
They didn't have either one of the two things I went for.
I went to four different WalMart locations over the course of a week and finally found the trail mix. I asked about the Carb Smart Popsicles...they aren't carrying them anymore!
Kroger carries the carb smart popsicles but a different flavor than WalMart's. It's still good but I had been getting the popsicles from both stores because it gave me three choices of flavors.
Keep on, WalMart. I'm having fewer reasons to make that stop.

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