Saturday, April 12, 2014

Today's List

Today was a busy day.

 I brought the egg tree over and stuck it on the library table with the rest of the Easter stuff. Maybe tomorrow I'll arrange the eggs more evenly and put it somewhere else. I got it in the house today...and dusted and vacuumed so it wouldn't look awful with dust around the decorations.
 The weather was nice with no swirling wind and rain so I was able to get a little done outside. I thought with rain last night the raised bed of strawberries wouldn't need water so I sprinkled fertilizer around and decided to water it in anyway. Dragging the hose and then putting it back on its hanger was my least favorite part of that little exercise. I washed the patio tables, too, so that looks better.
I'd been putting off blowing out a goose egg but decided I wanted to make a cornbread to go with the bean soup I'd made. It took an hour to clean out the egg. It would have been simpler if I'd used a larger screwdriver to make the holes. The cornbread was very yellow, but that was the only difference I noted from using a chicken egg.
All the seeds I bought are planted now except the half dozen or so packages of sweet peas. They are supposed to be scarified or something and I've been putting it off because I haven't done it before. I've read of several different methods. Well, I also haven't put out the seeds that I gathered last fall. I'm thinking I'll wait until after the frost date and just broadcast them.
The grape hyacinths are planted around the pitiful bulb garden I'm working on. I got half way around it last year about this time and finished the border with the ones we dug up this year.

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