Thursday, August 27, 2015

Insensitive Clod

I've had people try to explain politically correct language. I don't hurt people's feelings on purpose, but basically, things make me cringe that other people don't notice...and the opposite is apparently also true.
I was watching a show called 70 Something years ago. I was carried away with it and told all my friends they should look at it because it was hysterically funny. After the second friend told me it wasn't supposed to be funny, I didn't watch the show anymore. So a lot of stuff that bothers people strikes me as funny. People trying to turn me into a sensitive person are really taking on a Herculean task. So pointing out that a politician is vulgar or insensitive doesn't bother me except the people aren't addressing the issues involved, just the manner in which those issues are discussed.
One problem people who want to be politically correct do not see is that they show their soft spots. That offends you? Well, make sure I don't want to offend you on purpose, because I know how thanks to your whining.
Another thing, if a word is bad if I use it but all right if you use it, you're just nuts. I did mention that I'm insensitive.
The ACLU is an attempt to make the tail wag the dog. If burning the American flag is freedom of speech but displaying the Confederate flag is hate speech, the minority they are attempting to represent is hateful to some of us. What, morons don't have freedom of speech? Since when?

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