Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Locked Out

Today when I got home from volunteering, the doors were closed and locked which meant Larry was inside asleep. I got out my house key and tried all three doors, multiple times. I couldn't get my key to open any of the doors. I was locked out for a little over two hours.
A neighbor stopped by and gave me a status report on his wife who is in the hospital. He asked why all my stuff was outside on the porch. I said my keys weren't working or Larry had changed the locks as soon as I left this morning.
I asked him to call to see if the phone might wake him up. No. It rang until it went to voice mail.
When Larry finally woke up and opened the doors, I asked him to try my keys. One worked as smooth as soft butter. He was very triumphant about showing me how easy it was to open the door.
When he tried the next door, it didn't work for him either. After trying it several times, he got his key out. It didn't work, either.
My thought is that if it doesn't work for me, it doesn't work. Locks don't have likes and dislikes. Something is wrong and it isn't me.

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