Wednesday, November 12, 2014


Monday I went to a couple of places trying to get somebody to make sure I have antifreeze for the coming cold weather. I waited at both places only to be told they didn't do antifreeze any longer. Today I went to WalMart and talked to customers about antifreeze. A nice guy walked over to the antifreeze section and showed me which one to get. Then he and a woman customer both said to go to the co-op. Nobody was behind the counter and they were waiting in line.
I went to the co-op next. They checked my antifreeze and said it was fine. They checked my air filter and said it could wait a while but if I wanted it changed, they'd do it. I waited while a worker went and bought an air filter that would fit my car, came back and put it on. They put a little brake fluid in, checked stuff.
I had gone to WalMart auto section Monday and only ended up with some of what I wanted done.
Next time I'll go to the co-op and let them do all of it. They were nice and didn't just tell me they didn't carry an air filter that would fit my car! They went to get one:) It took two days to get everything done I wanted. If I'd gone to the coop first, it would have been one day and probably cheaper...certainly less annoying.

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