Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Not a Smooth Day

Volunteering was very busy today. There were a lot of patients, newspapers to distribute, ice bags to fill, boxes of gloves to put in the rooms, helium balloons to give to swing bed patients who were about finished with their therapy. And I had to leave early because the termite company came to spray. I put a chicken on the rotisserie to cook. The electricity went off so the rotisserie went off. I thought it went off because it was finished cooking. Then I heard the generator kick on and reset the rotisserie. Then the chicken fell off the prongs. I waited until it cooled off, put it back on the prongs, and reset the rotisserie...again.
There was a strong smell of fire outside and a smoky haze over one of the fields. I tried to find out where it was coming from. It eventually went away with the fire department coming.
Eventually dinner was ready. The chicken was wonderful, the sides were, too. So the day wasn't easy, but it did finish nicely.

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