Monday, February 9, 2015

Not Spending Money

Some people are more enthusiastic about shopping than I am. They ponder endlessly, buy an item, take it home, ponder some more, and then return it. 
I seriously don't like shopping. I like it better from Amazon, usually, but still, I like to keep my money.
So it leaves me with the problem of what to do with my time. I've retired, so going to work isn't going to take up my time and provide a paycheck. 
I have a lot of these wooden things that I bought from Hobby Lobby over the years. I painted Christmas ornaments for my students. I used to make ceramic ornaments but smaller children would sometimes break them before leaving the classroom. So I took folk art classes and learned to paint on wood.
When I retired, I still had a lot of these wooden pieces.
So when boredom threatens, I find a pattern I haven't done before and practice it on these wooden things.
I think these might be nice hanging on an outdoor Easter tree. When they are dry, I'll paint something on the backs, let them dry, and then varnish them with exterior gloss.
So my time is spent in an interesting manner and I'm not shopping and eating out every day:)

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