Monday, July 13, 2015

Lab Work Today

My blood monitor has been giving erratic readings for a couple of weeks, from 171 to 17. I replaced the batteries and still got two divergent numbers within one minute of each other. So I called the number on the back of the monitor and talked for 40 minutes to a representative. After punching a bunch of buttons and telling him what it said, he said the monitor is all right, I'm doing everything right, the strips are all right, and he is going to send me a coupon for another monitor. If everything is all right, I shouldn't be getting odd readings. I shouldn't need a new one. Oh well. We had lab work done today and I will be interested to see what the lab results indicate.
I fertilized a flowerbed today and then saw Larry fertilizing two of the vegetables in that same bed. I hope they survive.  I like mixing some of the peppers, tomatoes, etc., in with my flowers. They get more care than anything in the real garden, plus they have better drainage. We'll see if they survive. I just put a weak solution of liquid fertilizer on things. He uses pellets. Maybe they won't be burned.

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