Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Answering Service

When I go outside, sometimes I remember to take the phone with me. Some of the calls are for Larry. I used to get up and hunt him down. But those calls would turn out to be people trying to sell investment stuff. I don't know if they are all scams, but I know that isn't worth me leaving my nice spot with whatever I'm doing to hunt down somebody that doesn't want to talk to a salesperson. The phone is mine. I'm happy to hunt him up for a family member or one of his medical people. So I ask who's calling and what is the call related to. Then I frequently tell them he isn't interested. Somebody called and said they were a consumer advocate and if he wanted the investment calls to stop, she would give me their website address. I figured that person was just trying to get us on their email list, too.

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