Saturday, September 5, 2015

Enjoy What's There

My plan was to have pink crepe myrtles in my rose strip that parallels the road. So I took cuttings from pink crepe myrtles that I like and thought would go well with the knock-out roses in that strip.  Most of them are pink, but a couple are white and one is lavender. They aren't what I planned, but they are pretty.
Sometimes I have something in mind to paint. Sometimes it turns out like I thought it would. Sometimes it turns out so odd I have to do something else with it. Sometimes the something else is better than what I intended.
The first time I made coveralls from corduroy, I cut out four left sides instead of two left and two right. So I used a complementary color and cut out four right sides. I ended up with two pairs of spectacular coveralls! Deal with what is. It can be great.

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