Thursday, May 7, 2015

Different Mulching

Larry weeds around what he wants to mulch, waters, mulches, and waters again.
I put newspaper down where I don't want grass or weeds. I don't water it. Then I pile mulch over the paper. I've used up all the newspaper I'd saved up so today I broke down cardboard boxes in the recycling bins at the hospital and used them as the base of the paths I want around my plants. Then I piled mulch over that. I was happy I thought about the cardboard boxes since they are free and should work even better than the newspaper. Weeds that start in the mulch pull up very easily and places where I've dug through to plant have moist soil and earthworms. I'm still not very happy about how heavy the buckets of mulch are, but I guess I could just half fill the buckets. That's tomorrow's plan.
Twice as many trips, but the gator makes that easy.

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