Thursday, May 14, 2015


A guy at the hospital grows his hair really long and then donates it to Locks of Love to give to children with permanent hair loss from certain kinds of cancer or treatment. I thought I might be interested in that but when I read about it, I found they didn't want gray hair. Well, that makes sense. Why would a kid want gray hair. So I read more and found that there are places that make wigs for female cancer patients who suffer hair loss. Well, they don't want gray hair either. It takes about eight donations to have enough hair for a wig so they dye the hair. Gray hair doesn't take dye the same as regular hair and the dye fades faster. I guess I'll keep my hair for a while longer. The guy who donates hair is way grayer than I am. The Locks of Love people say if the hair donation isn't suitable for making their wigs, they sell it to cover the cost of making the wigs. I would be all right with that, but the cancer victims who qualify are in a narrow range. I didn't finish reading determined to cut my hair really short and mail the pony tail to anybody.

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