Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Glaucoma Laser Procedure

Today I went with Larry for his glaucoma laser procedure. He was really unhappy because the doctor evidently scheduled all the people at the same time and lined them up. The procedure didn't last long at all, but the wait time was about an hour and a half. Larry doesn't wait happily.
I was planning to wait outside listening to an audio book. But an old guy was waiting on his wife to have the same procedure. He talked my ear off telling me all kinds of things I didn't need to know. One of the things he said was that his two sons are worthless and it's their mother's fault (his ex). She spoiled them. I said if they are worthless now, it is their fault. They are adults and should have figured out what life is about. He said his father was a good father to him but spoiled his sister. One time after she was grown, the father took her outside and booted her backside with the side of his foot, lifting her off the ground. I said, "Hard on his knee." Finally Larry was finished and we could escape.

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